Kurt Rockmore's Birthday Party

Kurt Rockmore

A lot of people have complained about the condition of hip-hop right now. With the emergence of less lyrics and a more dumbed down approach to reach the masses, there is no reason to argue.

Luckily, In Aug 1988, KURT was born in long island New York . KURT has a demeanor much would call COCKY, or Hard to love, but once you love him, you understand why. His upbringing in the suburbs of long island has taught him to live with class. However, the discipline of his Haitian parents taught him to fight for his own. These are the things he brings in his music, a classy ruggedness.

In 2011 KURT received radio spins on New york's number 1 and number 2 stations for hip hop and r&b and continues to build his brand.

KURT's approach to the game is to bring classy together with the ignorance in the shameful joy of hip hop, and with that he has formed his groups the BougieBoys and BougieGirls who live by the same guidelines.

Follow KURT on the red carpet as he takes his journey to the world premiere of his career.

Ernz Eastwood

Its ErnzWorld and we’re just living in it. Lucky for us, it’s a wonderful world to live in, filled with the hottest music, new and old. And who’s the creator of this world? None other than New York’s very own Ernz Eastwood.

Ernz Eastwood, or sometimes known as DJ Ernie B, discovered his passion for DJing at the age of 14. Since then, he’s fallen in love with his craft and dedicates his time to practicing and perfecting it. “I’m a mutherfuckin turntablist”, he boasts, “I work my ass off!” And his work shows. Throughout the years, Ernz has gotten better and better with time, building a following, making connections and opening shows for artists like Joe Budden, Nipsey Hustle, MMG, Future, Drake, 2 Chainz, Raekwon the Chef, Pusha T, even a few reggae/dancehall artist like Gyptian, Serani , and more. He’s no stranger to the college party life either. With shows at Howard University, Old Westbury, St. John’s College, CW Post, University of Bridgeport and many more under his belt, he’s known to get a campus or two rocking.

What sets Ernz apart from so many other DJs is his sheer love of music, especially hip-hop. He not only gives you what’s currently hot on radio airwaves, but hits you with a little bit of old, too. If you’re anywhere that he’s spinning, be prepared to be hit with a wave of nostalgia as you find yourself throwing your hands up, nodding your head and saying, “Damn! This used to be my shit!” He believes in Quality over quantity and makes sure that no matter what, his audience is enjoying the music no matter what era it is from.

On January 1, 2012, Ernz Eastwood and his team officially launched his website, ErnzWorld.com. “I wanted and made this website so people have a way they can keep up with me and hopefully find something new that they’ve never seen before,” he explains. On this site you can see Ernz in his element by watching videos, listening to his mixtapes and tuning into his live mix shows and radio station, ErnzWorld Radio. Mixshows consists of him doing what he does best as well presenting a stage for new, up and coming artists. “I love new talent and I’m always in search of it. I always felt that DJs should be the ones breaking records. I love being the first one to throw a song on a mixtape or cut it up before anyone.”

Ernz Eastwood is definitely a star on the rise and promises to have more in store for any and everyone who loves music. His motivation and drive will show and prove that he is sure to be an unstoppable force in the music world, so be sure to keep an ear and eyes out for him and get ready to experience life in ErnzWorld.



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Kurt Rockmore's Birthday Party with DJ Jayfive, Ernz Eastwood

Saturday, August 3 · 11:00 PM at The Delancey