Air Review

Air Review started writing songs in 2008 out of the converted garage of an unassuming

suburban house outside of Dallas, Texas. Meeting once a week for nearly a year in a room

without air conditioning or heating, the quintet carefully crafted a record that they later selfreleased

reviews, the band still felt like something was missing. The group hibernated for another 12

months and re-invented themselves. 

The first offering from their newly defined sound, America's Son, became one of the most

requested songs on north Texas' 91.7 KXT who later included it in their "Best Songs of

2011" right next to Adele, Foster the People and Coldplay. America's Son also caught the

attention of The Huffington Post and CMJ who claimed it was "a very different sound from

other folk-pop groups and considered the band one to watch in 2012". 

Air Review's dynamic live shows have landed them support slots for acts such as Flaming

Lips, Portugal. The Man, Grimes and School of Seven Bells. Their knack for engaging

melodies has turned heads around the world securing licensing with the International

Olympic Committee and Levi's. 

All of this paved the way for their upcoming masterfully composed full-length album, Low

Wishes, to be released by Velvet Blue Music (Huntington Beach, CA) and Spune (DFW,

Texas) January 29th, 2013. This self-produced and recorded, pop infused indie record

gracefully combines folk influences with synthesizers, beats and noisy guitars. It is soft and

subtle at times, yet unmistakably anthemic, complete with magnificent choruses. 

Low Wishes is a nostalgic look at growing into adulthood and an affirmation of the belief

that there is something more to life. Without hesitation, Air Review is clearly poised to stand

out in a big way in 2013, simply by staying the course it has already set.

Wild Leaves

Wild Leaves are five friends who moved from the midwest to Brooklyn together. That distance is reflected in their songs. Their sound is something nostalgic, something with history–like a record rediscovered in your attic. The soaring harmonies, assertive rhythm section, and shimmering electric guitars have drawn comparisons to the west coast sounds of The Byrds, CSNY, & Jefferson Airplane. Yet, there is something still distinctly relevant to today–like the sound of a memory not yet lost.

Nathan Reich

"In addition to being a technically brilliant guitarist, Nathan's lyrics put you in a specific place and mindset — it usually has a something to do with hearbreak, late nights, and waking up the next day in some new city."

The Steam Engine
"This album, as much as any I've heard in a long time, is completely transformative. You know what he's singing, you know the subject matter. You've been there and somehow, he, as a songwriter, manages to capture that idea, that feeling in your stomach, of uncertainty or loss."

The FiveThreeSix
"His songs- stories of lovers, yearning, and learning are sweet and immediate like any true master of words. And he picked at the guitar so seamlessly it felt fake. His music achieves in the way Nick Drake's songs cut so soberly straight and in the way Leonard Cohen's tunes feel so drunkenly honest: they are brilliant in their simplicity."

The Groove
"The initial undeniable impression: this is some serious songwriting. While some tunes are sung over solo acoustic guitar, others feature Alexandra Spalding's graceful cello and vocal harmonies, and a handful have rolling tom drums, electric guitar murmurs, and textures you can't quite place your finger on...the lyricism follows suit: literary but straightforward, playful but honest. Themes of alcoholism, loneliness, and the daunting ambition of exploring the world, without and within, pump the majority of the blood through Arms Around a Ghost."

"Pastoral indie-folk with subdued vocals and glittering acoustic guitar."


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