Robbers, Junior Bob, Oshwa, Elos Arma


"A superlative example of how the youngest generation of up and coming musicians is perfecting a conglomerate sound that will transform rock genre musics in ways both familiar and engagingly odd. ROBBERS toss in a number of unusual factors, from strange spoken satirical rants to electronica to pop to folk, in a highly progressive mode impossible to nail down... a very wide cosmos of influences have resulted in a mega-smooth spacey sound that marries mainlined mellifluous vocals to vaulting arrangements layered in an encyclopedia of sound techniques...
... I can only hope that efforts like this quickly succeed and usher in a new day no one's quite expecting. In a sea of radio moribundity, this is badly needed, might even help spark a rebirth of what occurred in the 70s."
-Mark S. Tucker,

Oshwa is the heart-shaped brain child of songwriters Alicia Walter and Michael Mac. Their intricate guitar licks cross legs with gigantically soulful vocal melodies, driven by Walter's fearless windpipes. They feed their lush and melodically complex creations to percussionist Jordan Tate and bassist Matthew Noonan who construct a rhythmic backdrop reminiscent of a rigorous game of mountaintop hopscotch. With the product—part visceral animal love song and part algebraic shit-fit—Oshwa challenges your body to dance cerebral.

"Their most recent EP Mother/Father has some amazing sonic textures to it, while sticking to the bands indie rock roots. Rich vocals —crooning at times —are complimented with cool harmonies and melodic keyboards which take you back and forth from sixties elevator music to outer space. Mother/Father is far more complex than just your ordinary indie rock EP." - Salacious Sound



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Robbers, Junior Bob, Oshwa, Elos Arma

Saturday, August 17 · Doors 8:00 PM at The Rock Shop