Featuring Rich Smith, Mike Lemon, Barry Hibdon, Shannon Mercer, Brock Johnson, Travis McFarlane, Charley Waddill, and Chris Gebhardt. With special appearances from some amazing guests.

Todd Day Wait's Pigpen

In 2009, Todd Day Wait put everything he owned on the curb of his home in Columbia, Missouri, and started what would become a seemingly never-ending cross-county voyage. Traveling in a vegetable oil-powered airport shuttle bus, he headed out to California by way of the Rocky Mountains, and ended up in New Orleans. Along the way, he would find collaborators where he could, picking up one line-up for a few states, and rotating regionally. Relying on each musician’s various strengths, Todd would adapt his music to suit them, shifting genres as he did states. Through this process, Todd Day Wait arrived at a musical aesthetic that blends blues, folk, country, early R&B, and soul. In 2012, after years on the road, Todd Day Wait relocated to New Orleans and the permanent line-up of Todd Day Wait’s Pigpen was formed, including Matt Dethrow on upright bass, George Aschmann on fiddle, and Todd Day Wait on guitar. Today, Todd Day Wait’s Pigpen can be found playing on the streets of the French Quarter and in venues throughout New Orleans.

Late Night Benedictions

This burgeoning group is the vehicle for the songs of Aaron Harms, who's been writing and playing with various groups around Missouri since 1994. Growing up in a family where every day held a little bit of music, whether it was dad's Merle Haggard records, older brothers' cover bands, or the family band playing at holiday and birthday gatherings, it's no wonder that the songs showed up, asking to be played. Currently, the LNB have have four EP's in the works--a Roots opera, complete with accompanying novella; a roots/pop set along the lines of Wilco and the Avett Brothers, a reworking of the traditional and country tunes Aaron grew up with, and finally a set of pop and rock covers--twisted and bent to stand alongside the rest of the catalogue as if they all came from the same genre. The LNB have always been a collective, taking in other musicians as they come and go, in service of the songs

John Galbraith & the Broken Promises

Former guitarist, songwriter, singer and founding member of The Goldbugs, Mondo, The Harrows and Polly Finn. Has also played with Steven Carrel and The Sad Bastards and The Wild Cat Daddies among others. Currently playing with John Galbraith and The Broken Promises.

Dave & Dyno and the Roadkill Orchestra

Dave and Dyno are Dave Dearnley and Don "Dyno" Penny.

Dave is a 2007 Walnut Valley Festival, Winfield, Kansas, New Song Showcase winner and 2008 alternate. Dyno is a 2009 Walnut Valley Festival, Winfield, Kansas, New Song Showcase alternate, accomplished advertising jingle and movie soundtrack writer.

Dave and Dyno met as competitors at a catfish tournament song writing contest in 2005 along the Missouri River, near the old port of Nashville. Yep, big time Nashville musicians. They have been creating a sensation, or commotion, or something in Mid Missouri ever since.

Their first CD, “Untreated and Released” can be found in places as far flung as the Navajo Nation in New Mexico, rural northern Maine and isolated mountains of Costa Rica. Dave and Dyno are currently working in the studio and will soon unleash new tunes upon the unsuspecting public.

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