The Friendly Lens

The Friendly Lens

Midwest Brit pop

Zachary Coarson, Vocals & Guitar
Matthew Layton, Keyboards & backing Vocals
Mat Ajjarapu, Bass
Maximilian Shreffler, Drums

Squared Off

Squared Off, a 4 piece street punk band hailing from Chicago, has been making noise since 2002. At a time when people believe that the underground punk scene has died, these guys bring out some of punk's forgotten ideals. Brotherhood, pride, voice to fight for your rights, and the words of the working class. Squared Off 's music gives you the sense of kinship with the understanding of the struggles of society today. Their songs can fit at any bar scene, can be heard at any local all ages venues, or the local skate park. One other belief that Squared Off has not forgotten is that the group has been DIY for quite some time. From spending an evening with their bar mates, to telling the youth what the hard life is about, to them punk rock is here to stay. Promoting, hitting the streets, and traveling anywhere there is a stage, Squared Off is ready to hit the streets of every American city.


The 4-Strokes are Abe, Vince, Rick, and Juan. They include members of Model Stranger, Waxon 7, and Kimmy Gibber and the How Rudes. They met at Second City Scooters and they are champions.


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The Friendly Lens with Squared Off, 4-Strokes

Saturday, August 31 · Doors 8:00 PM / Show 9:00 PM at The Hideout

Tickets Available at the Door