Designer Drugs, Lacey Youngblood, BROOKLYN, SWEDEN Send Off Show

With one full length album and over 70 remixes and 500 gigs behind them Designer Drugs have been destroying venues across the world since they began the project in 2007.

"We met through mutual raver friends while we were in high school", says Theo. Michael adds, "At the time, I was DJing and Theo was writing basic tracks on a Roland JX305 hardware synth. We started partying and producing jungle and drum n bass tracks at first and then switched to nu rave/electro/blog house 2007 when Myspace was becoming popular."

After their enormously well received debut album, "Hardcore/Softcore,"(Ultra Records) entered the top 10 on iTunes in 2011, Designer Drugs smashed the A-list club and festival circuit worldwide harder than ever before. Captivating audiences with their unique style, energy, and musical prowess, the New York duo consisting of Michael Vincent Patrick, and Dr. Theodore Paul Nelson, demonstrated an unmatched ability to bring the performance and rile the crowds and earned them the title of Americas #10 best Dj's by Technique. They have set foot in nearly every part of the world - performing in six out of seven continents. In late 2012, the boys released two remixes, now turned collaborations, offering a glimpse into the future of Designer Drugs. The first, Joachim Garraud + Alesia - Atrium, followed by their remix of Audrey Napoleon's - Poison. These remixes, however, are only a small preview of what's to come.

Already sitting on top of their empire, which includes Sex Cult Records and a very extended mix series know to the fans as "DATAMIXES", the duo returns with a release that is sure to smash up the scene from Capetown to Alaska. The title of this contemporary musical masterpiece, "The Drugs Are In Control," reflects the fact that Designer Drugs are here to stay and with more control in the continuation of their intoxicating crusade. Evident on this release is the evolution of their already 'unique' and 'ahead of the time' sound, having taken on new heights and new production techniques. While they still offer everything fans loved from their old originals and remixes. The new tracks are sure to insinuate riots at festivals worldwide.

"Our last album was more esoteric and leftfield," says Michael. "The new songs have our signature sound, but they're more advanced production wise." Theo ads "We're covering a larger spectrum. Of course, it's electronic, but influences from so many different types of music. There's a lot of electro style tracks with big hooks and hint of dubstep but it's definitely an all banger album." Then Michael proceeds to confirm this by saying "Yep. All bangers. Not a single fucking filler on there."

Michael adds, "Another thing that makes this album different and a progression from the last album is that since Theo's graduated from medical school, we get to sit down in the studio together and make sure everything gets done how we both want it. Being able to work full-time together on music is what we've always wanted to do. It allows us to take everything further in terms of songwriting and production. Our workflow is more efficient when we actually sit next to each other in the studio"

The first single offers electrifying and shimmering sounds with an incredibly robust feel. "Space Based," will quite literally blow your head to the moon. Combining the feel of a hard hitting UK dance party in the mid nineties, with their stellar sound that we have come to know and love. (Dark intro, festival breakdown and build up to a mega face-melting drop)

"It's just a fucking banger," says Michael. "It's a pivotal point in our career not nerd out and get overly weird. We kept everything simple."

Following Space Based is the mind-melting "Empty Hearted." A collaboration between Designer Drugs and Alvin Risk, this track offers up emotional hooks and riveting leads, followed by an incredibly gritty and captivating dustup drop. This track does not quit, and will prove itself quite worthy on the floor.

"We've known Alvin Risk for a long time and always loved his production and sound engineering," Michael goes on. "Theo originally wrote it as a pop song, but I thought that a nasty dubstep drop would create a sort of juxtaposition and reveal the meaning of the lyrics which are, ummm, heartless. ha! Alvin brought a lot amazing spices to the round table and we shared all of our magic too. We really got to take everything to the next level."

The third single on this epic, is entitled "The Drugs Are In Control," yet again massively created rhythms and synths, this track carries every element of what Designer Drugs delivered in the past but with a new sheen and flow. Touching base with elements of shoe gaze, punk rock, and indie music, this track is your familiar best friend from what the boys delivered with their earlier works. Along with offering up a captivating new music video that is sure to stimulate every fantasy for visual and auditory art. When The Drugs Are in Control you will be guaranteed to grind your teeth and scream with terror!

Whether you were fond of their impeccable remixes such as their spins on, Annie's - Anthonio, Thieves Like Us' - Drugs In My Body, or their incredible DATAMIX series, you're guaranteed to feel this heaviest, hardest hitting, and most impeccable sound yet. They aim to expand and conquer the world with their upcoming rigorous touring schedule, planned to hit sometime after the release of the new album. Designer Drugs has returned stronger, more willed, and more powerful than ever.

Lacey Youngblood

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Brooklyn Brewery is sending some of Brooklyn's finest musicians to Sweden for their second annual BROOKLYN, SWEDEN Festival and we're sending them off in style. You’ll enjoy a very special performance by the winner of the BROOKLYN, SWEDEN song contest, as well as an hour of complimentary Brooklyn Lager, IPA, and Pennant Ale. Happy hour prices on Brooklyn beer will run through the night.

$17.00 - $22.00


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Designer Drugs, Lacey Youngblood, BROOKLYN, SWEDEN Send Off Show

Wednesday, August 14 · Doors 8:00 PM at The Rock Shop