Joan As Police Woman

Joan As Police Woman

Some artists play a part, act stuff out, and like to hide behind imagery. That’s fine, but it’s not for everyone. Some, like Joan, want to communicate direct, to tell the truth, and share the honesty. To honour themselves and their audience. It may be cliché to read about it but wonderful to experience. Because this is real life. This is the deep field.

The ‘Deep Field’ is an image captured by the Hubble space telescope of a region inside the constellation Ursa Major, of the youngest and most distant known galaxies. Deep Field is also a relaxation technique to enable profound physiological and psychological change, a novel about a young woman's emotional awakening against the backdrop of global conflict and a band from Charleston, Georgia. But while change, growth and music all figure on Joan ‘As Police Woman’ Wasser’s astounding new album, it’s the Hubble image that gave birth to its title. “I found a photo of a slice of space that is just a tiny spot to the bare eye. But because space is infinite as we understand it so far, the spot spans a massive area, the distance so far, the length so wide, the depth so vast. We know so little about our surroundings. And as is the macrocosm, so is the microcosm, how deep can you delve into your own life… it’s endless too.”

Rachael Cantu

RACHAEL CANTU is a talented singer/songwriter known for her evocative blend of indie folk rock delicately infused with distinctly powerful vocals, gentle melodies and heartfelt lyrics. Born in Orange County, this SoCal native has the whole package -- it's no wonder she's been aptly described as "something a mix of The Pretenders' Chrissie Hynde, PJ Harvey, Sarah McLachlan and Norah Jones."

As the title suggests, Rachael Cantu's second studio album "Far and Wide" (self-released Nov 17, 2009) is an artistic departure from the brooding and moody sounds of her impressive debut CD "Run All Night" (Q Division) and highlights her growth, maturity and evolution as a rising singer/songwriter through musical exploration. Produced by Futcher (The Be Good Tanyas) in Vancouver, the captivating and cohesive collection of ten eclectic songs with thoughtfully layered arrangements showcase her effortless stylistic versalitily, which ranges from upbeat pop, forlorn folk, characteristically haunting pieces and splashes of everything in between. Standout tracks like the etheral "Devil's Thunder" and touchingly contemplative "Make A Name For Me and You" have attracted the attention of Chop Shop's Alexandra Patsavas, who featured both tunes on ABC's "Private Practice" in 2009.

In addition to solo shows in Los Angeles and major cities on the East Coast in the Summer/Fall 2009, Rachael honed her live show and won over new fans in each city she visited while touring with blues legend B.B. King, and opening for generational powerhouses like Pat Benatar and Peter Frampton. Rachael has also previously toured with Tegan & Sara and Ben Lee, and opened for artists like Ryan Cabrera, Joe Pug and Andrew Belle.

With national exposure through TV placements and prominent tour dates, as well as a growing dedicated fan base, the building momentum and anticipation surrounding the just released "Far and Wide" CD will surely make 2010 a breakout year for Rachael Cantu."



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