Martin Rev (of Suicide)

Martin Rev (of Suicide)

As the quieter half of the extremely influential late '70s electronic, proto-Industrial duo, Suicide, Martin Rev's job was to provide the droning, hiccuping beats and textured backdrops for his partner Alan Vega's animated rantings and onstage abusiveness. When the band split, Vega went on to pursue minor successes with stripped down electro-Rockabilly and two-note rock, while Rev's solo records continued with Suicide's sweet, childlike melodies and simple lyrics over desolate, monotone, minimalist electronics.

Infinity Shred

Sanctuary, the full-length debut by Manhattan’s Infinity Shred, finds a path that belongs to neither the past nor the
future, a swirling instrumental ether-region all its own. It’s been a long road to Infinity, and the trio’s first long-player
finds them on a quest to define a more mature form for the music that Damon Hardjowirogo and George Stroud
have been playing together since they were teenagers. They’ve come a long way since those early days of hacking
their own hardware.
Over seven rich tracks, Infinity Shred apply their increasingly complex palette towards expansive post-rock and
points beyond, exploring a vast array of synthesizers, huge textural guitars, the occasional home brewed circuitry,
and playful dialogues between live and programmed percussion. While the album represents the first full-length by
Infinity Shred, it is also an arrival in a six-year long creative arc.
Hardjowirogo and Stroud originally played together as Starscream while high school students in 2007, part of a new
generation of musicians channeling ecstatic dance-punk through celestial 8-bit explosions. With an onslaught of
self-released 7-inches, EPs, and CD-Rs, the duo made a name for their incredibly loud and visually arresting live
show, building a reputation on both sides of the underground/mainstream divide.
In 2011, while releasing a split 7-inch with Kickstarter upstarts Anamanaguchi, the band appeared on the series
finale of MTV's Skins, performing two original songs and backing cast members on another. That same year, the
band added Nathan Ritholz, who expanded the band’s range with his guitar, hip-hop production skills, and formal
music education. Delving into electronic synthesis and an intensely collaborative songwriting process, the band
soon changed names to match their new direction.
Weaned on At the Drive-In (a shared group favorite) and post-rock staples like Explosions in the Sky and Mogwai, it
was natural for Infinity Shred to look beyond the beautiful restrictions of their earliest music. "The more I had to deal
with the limitations of 8-bit hardware, the more I wanted more," Damon observes. “Recording the music at home
can be more of an emotional experience, but playing live, it becomes something that’s much more fun. I don't
imagine it getting put on at parties but it makes perfect sense when people party at the shows.”
With reference points including skateboarding, synth shredding, the brief blip of the early '80s Italo disco
movement, and Carl Sagan's PBS series Cosmos, the band's epic live performances integrate a dizzying melange
of fully-synced film footage. The destination is forever, eagerly awaiting the future.

Tempers are Jasmine Golestaneh and Eddie Cooper, a New York-based synth/goth/electro/rock duo. Their music inhabits a realm of opaque romance. Delphic vocals tower precariously over propulsive beats, and shimmering, static-like synths merge with guitars that swell and vanish.

Their live performances are a portal into a red-lit shadow world, exploring the thin line between freedom and oblivion. Jasmine invokes a kind of Leonard Cohen muse, channeling a Blue Velvet dialectic of hypnotic abandonment and illuminated purpose. Beside her, Eddie is a dispassionate master of ceremonies, a sphinx-like solidity in the ether. Tempers create architecture within the searing thrum; concrete tones in ghost form.

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Martin Rev (of Suicide) with Infinity Shred, Tempers, David (LEGS) of Young Boys (DJ Set)

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