MH & His Orchestra

MH & His Orchestra

Are you a ‘Honeymooner’ yet? The term, of course, being the affectionate sobriquet for the wildly enthusiastic and dedicated fans of M.H. & His Orchestra.

One could easily throw a "musical chairs" allusion into the formation of this group: from a one man project to a 44 piece orchestra then finally resting as ten person touring band-- it's impossible to escape the notion that this has shaped what Sounds of RVA calls their "ever-shifting wall of sound". One could also employ the monstrous power of a rolling train to describe their onstage show- which is fitting because that’s where they all met.

It’s true, half of this band of world class musicians belonged to fellow bandmate Lucy LaCoeur who provided live entertainment on rails owned by her father- others by way of kismet or deus ex machina followed suite and soon, the man in white, M.H. -or- Max Holiday. It was Holiday himself who described the group’s formation as “A romantic folly; a honeymoon.” but that plays lightly the work and energy put into the spectacle that is: M.H. & His Orchestra…

“Sound experimentation executed by instrumentalists that actually know what they're doing.”

Examiner said of their 2012 debut release: The Throes, a short and sweet orchestral pop travelogue of songs that allude to the bands formation “The Train” and the humorous, irate musings of M.H. “Cobblestone”. Quickly they began traversing the Mid Atlantic from DC’s 9:30 Club to Brooklyn’s Spike Hill with their enigmatic live act: strings, horns, woodwinds and a tight rhythm section blasting behind M.H.’s distinctive baritone croon and LaCoeur and Lady Viorii’s lush harmonies often morphing into audience interactive gestures and theatric monologues.

“They are one of the few bands in D.C. who go above and beyond their performance duties and truly make their live shows into an experience.”

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Now, after 2 years of touring and a few cosmetic adjustments the group is nestled in the Nation’s Capitol: Washington, D.C. culling their hushed sophomore release: AGITPOP which makes musical pun of the Soviet concept, art as propaganda and features a slew of politically, socially and funkily oriented songs that still adhere to the band’s trademark eccentric brand of humor and melody. It may all seem overwhelming, it’s safe to assume the band likes it that way but don’t be afraid to catch a ride on “The Train”- - in the words of NPR’s Bob Boilen, a night with M.H. & His Orchestra is: “always a fabulous night”.


Paperhaus started in a basement in the suburbs of Washington, DC, where guitarists Alex Tebeleff and Eduardo Rivera spent their teenage years playing music together with ears buzzing from Radiohead, Television, and Fela Kuti. Miles away in Philadelphia, the dissonant vibrato of drummer Brandon Moses howled over distorted blues, while bassist John Di Lascio's three drunken years playing absurdist prog-pop in shady Japanese yakuza bars were winding down.

When the haze cleared, these four musicians found themselves in the Red Door room in DC's legendary Gold Leaf Studios (R.I.P.), screaming raw vocal poetry into rickety old mics and bleeding cosmic noise through rusty tube amps. All night jams edged into anything from CAN to DC Gogo, while haunting noisescapes echoed of Sonic Youth and Scott Walker. Above it all hung Country-Blues & Pop-oriented arrangements with deeply personal lyrics.

Paperhaus is the lovechild of four very different, but passionate songwriters, who share only a belief in the spiritually transformative power of music. This attitude perhaps more than anything inspired the establishment of "The Paperhaus," their shared home studio and DIY concert space. Over the past two years, this humble row house in Petworth has hosted over 100 bands from all over the country and is an institution in national DIY culture.

Paperhaus released its Alt-Country styled self-titled EP in 2011, and will release its second effort, an EP entitled "Lo Hi Lo," on May 28th, 2013. "Lo Hi Lo" was recorded at DC's legendary Inner Ear studios with producer Ivan Basuri, and reflects the more Pop side of Paperhaus' Psychedelic music. A full length LP of more Blues and Funk influenced Psychedelic music is already in the works and will be released in 2014. You can hear songs from all the different sides of Paperhaus' music at one of Paperhaus' many live shows this spring as they embark on a two month national tour.

Atoka Chase

Atoka Chase is a road. Atoka Chase is a duo. Atoka Chase is the place you find yourself after drinking just enough whiskey to realize you've been conversing with the Devil.



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