Grand Départure

Grand Départure

The music of the Grand Départure seeks to provide an innovative take on an expanding musical landscape. The incidentally acoustic approach combines sweeping lyrical patterns with a wealth of true and progressive melodies, revealing a cultivated voice within the singer-songwriter experience. The songs expose cascading musical phrases with a soaring voice, executed in a raw and delicate manner that is both vulnerable and preciously captivating.

The project began in 2009 as a stripped-down solo venture, representing a “departure” of sorts from some of Boisson’s earlier musical endeavors and many of his influences. “The Grand Départure is all about capturing impressions and exploring how to communicate those impressions within a very limited space,” says Boisson, who began developing his identity as a songwriter early on, looking to create his own unique persuasion of original compositions.


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The Walnut Room Broadway Location


Grand Départure

Saturday, October 26 · 6:00 PM at The Walnut Room Broadway Location