Starlight Girls

Starlight Girls

Buzz go these busy bees of Brooklyn as they collect a pollen of sight and sound to make mescaline-laced honey for your immediate consumption. Starlight Girls live in a swirling fun house of everything you don't hate about music, drawing their influence from the 20's, 30's, 40's, 50's, 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's, and the future. Whether it's a birthday party, Bat Mitzvah or church outing, Starlight Gir
ls are sure to bring the rubbers. As the late president Theodore Roosevelt once said, "Speak softly and carry a big stick." If Roosevelt were alive today he'd be listening to Starlight Girls and diddy-bopping in his wheelchair.

Starlight Girls recently collaborated with Xiu Xiu frontman Jamie Stewart to make a brand new 7" (out November 2012) that glows in the dark like radioactive birthday cake. A significant departure and natural progression for a band unhindered by the confines of genre, the 7" is a tasty treat to hold the hungry children over until the February 2013 release of the full-length LP. And yes, the album actually glows in the dark.

Taking cues from the hypnotic sparsity of krautrock to the more funky sensibilities of acid house and Manchester indie dance, Zula makes forward-thinking psychedelic pop music. It started in the summer of 2010 as a collaboration between principal songwriters Henry and Nate Terepka (cousins). During the early basement sessions, playing to drum loops and sequencers, they began crafting their sound, obsessed with repetitive, interlocking figures and melodies in accessible, direct pop forms. In the fall of 2010, Mike Lawless and Zach Nicita joined on, forming a taught, propulsive rhythm section. The group has since toured California, played countless shows around New York City, and released the Crescent Intake Session EP.

Zula is currently working on a debut LP, set to be released this summer.

Post Sun Times

Post Sun Times is a dub ­reggae-influenced indie rock quartet located in West Philadelphia, PA, USA. Fans of the likes of Lee Scratch Perry, Elvis Costello, The Police, Bad Brains, K­Os & many others, the band uses elements of traditional & modern reggae to enhance its unique brand of high ­energy, dynamic rock. Listenable, danceable, headbangable, regular bangable, you name it.

The members have been playing music together for over a decade, PST was officially formed in 2012

Drone Ranger

With an appreciation for blistering noise, the surreal, and psychedelic crooning, Drone Ranger decided to cast their jangle through some dusty old amplifiers in Bill Fries' bedroom studio in early 2013. Their compulsions towards home recording and analog equipment eventually materialized a five track demo tape; a hazardously created brew of dream inducing tunes that they personally enjoyed. Parallel to souped-up shoe-gaze, adding slacker vocals and a pissed off space redneck, the wailing five piece casts a head nodding trance that will leave your eye's spinning.

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Starlight Girls with Zula, Post Sun Times, Drone Ranger

Thursday, September 19 · 8:00 PM at MilkBoy Philly