Glitter Wizard, Strangers Family Band

Glitter Wizard

Strangers Family Band

Strangers Family Band offers a fine pastiche of the various splinter genres of flower power much like The Brian Jonestown Massacre’s finer catalog. However, also like the BJM, Strangers Family Band do not amalgamate old sounds with new. They are unquestionably channeling the various strata of late ’60s mindbending west coast pop art experimental jangle – light garage rock timbre, pinch of British blues a la John Mayall, and homage to Ravi Shankar that became nothing but en vogue in the post-druggy Beatles summer of love. With that said, they take full advantage of recording technology today to really sharpen the feel and sound of classic true-blue psychedelia to cultivate a truly polyphonic headtrip. Nowhere is that more apparent than the seven minute “Transmission,” bolstered by crisp Twin Reverb distortion, lots of sitar (real sitar, not effect-created), and dark, thick Rhodes organ, punchy tablas – all of which almost play second fiddle to the distant, dark, saturated vocals.

Once and Future Band

This music is brilliant, but a lot is. It is influenced largely by other music. It wanted us to ask on its behalf for a little bit of attention. It is a fragile, vulnerable thing, new to this world.



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Glitter Wizard, Strangers Family Band with Once and Future Band, DJ Dahmer (Scott from Disappearing People)

Tuesday, August 20 · Doors 8:00 PM / Show 9:00 PM at The Chapel