Glitter Wizard, Strangers Family Band

Glitter Wizard

Strangers Family Band

Strangers Family Band offers a fine pastiche of the various splinter genres of flower power much like The Brian Jonestown Massacre’s finer catalog. However, also like the BJM, Strangers Family Band do not amalgamate old sounds with new. They are unquestionably channeling the various strata of late ’60s mindbending west coast pop art experimental jangle – light garage rock timbre, pinch of British blues a la John Mayall, and homage to Ravi Shankar that became nothing but en vogue in the post-druggy Beatles summer of love. With that said, they take full advantage of recording technology today to really sharpen the feel and sound of classic true-blue psychedelia to cultivate a truly polyphonic headtrip. Nowhere is that more apparent than the seven minute “Transmission,” bolstered by crisp Twin Reverb distortion, lots of sitar (real sitar, not effect-created), and dark, thick Rhodes organ, punchy tablas – all of which almost play second fiddle to the distant, dark, saturated vocals.

Once and Future Band

Joel Robinow (keyboards/guitar/vocals), Raj Ojha (drums/recording engineer) and Eli Eckert (bass/guitar/vocals) have been confidantes and conspirators for over a decade, collaborating in Drunk Horse, Howlin Rain, East Bay Grease and many other projects.

They have convened as "Once and Future Band" with the purpose of performing and recording Joel's massive library of songs before they are lost to the ages after the Great Hard Drive Crash of '12. Songs that weave woozy psychedelics, deep pocket grooves and heart-worn melodies to create expansive harmonic vistas suitable for lining up the family in front of and take the goddamn picture already. Grand Canyon jams.

When you first experience Once and Future sounds, you may begin aiming at the dartboard of Familiar Musical ReferencesTM. When every dart is thrown and you find that none have reached their target, a profound sense of confusion may arise: How can I be familiar with all of this and perhaps not know it at all? A potent lungful of Nostalgia invades the blood and brain, yet you are not sealed in a hyperbaric time capsule with a bunch of moldy records. No, your body begins to move to the warping rhythms as you wrestle with these contradictions and realize that none of them matter.

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