Optometri, Magma Carta


Could this be the end for our heroes? It seems like only yesterday that Optometri exploded onto the scene in America with its uniquely transcendent brand of the rock and roll—a brand that conquers obstacles to joy and stretches brainal capacity. It seems like only the day before yesterday that Optometri was packing concert venues and private parties at unlicensed slaughterhouses in their native Russia, spreading their message of freedom and unfettered expression of corporeal urges. It seems like only a week-and-a-half or so ago that Optometri seized the rock and roll world by the throat and turned it inside out with an unprecedented musical onslaught that vaporized sanities and ignited a worldwide eruption of that most greatest of all forms of insanity: LOVE! But all greatnesses must end…well, most of them, anyway…and so then must Optometri. Please join Optometri for a final Do Svidaniya and watch this rock institution implode and/or disintegrate on the stage right before your devastated, disbelieving eyes.

Magma Carta

Magma Carta is a good band that most people will like. Some of you will probably even love us. Which we're fine with.

People in the know say our sound clouds have passing wisps of REM, Guided By Voices, The Shins, Arthur Hodgson and the Kneecaps, and Les Garçons de la Plage (aka The French Beach Boys).

We're available for parties, stadium tours, and just about anything in between that doesn't require a federal background check. Members include Scott Stetson, Kenn Busch, Tyler Wood, Kevin Longino and Zeppo, who hasn't shown up since the first practice, but we still have his van.

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