Speedfreak, Wet the Steel, Taken By The Sun, Beyond De-th


Speedfreak is what would happen if Pantera and Lynyrd Skynyrd somehow had a kid, and allowed Motley Crue to raise it. The music they play can best be described as heavy groove metal, with a southern tinge, and a little bit of sleaze thrown in for good measure.

The band is made up of four talented, passionate musicians; who are driven to take this band as far as it can possibly go. Founding members Memphis (Guitars) and Tom Kucharski (Vocals) assembled the band in summer 2006, and have never looked back. In 2008, they solidified the rhythm section, adding Matt Balow on drums and Dirty Steve Serpe on bass.

They are currently putting the finishing touches on their debut album, "Loaded." It will be released in the late summer or early fall of 2011. Having gigged around the Chicagoland area for almost five years, they have earned the undying support of many loyal fans. Roll with them or get run over, either way they'll see you on the road!


Sounds like Meshuggah getting fellated by Isis and Neurosis with Mars Volta, Shrinebuilder, and Baroness fapping in the background.


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Speedfreak, Wet the Steel, Taken By The Sun, Beyond De-th

Friday, July 26 · 8:00 PM at Cobra Lounge

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