The Shivering Brigade record release party with Tri-State Conspiracy, The Nervous, Uzuhi

The Shivering Brigade

The Shivering Brigade is a female-fronted band with a unique, high energy sound and fierce stage presence that's earning them a following wherever they go. Truly passionate about the music, they create an experience the audience can lose themselves in, liberating them from diffidence and indifference alike, in favor of dancing, drinking, falling in love and living their night as an adventure. Their style is rooted in punk while also blending deathrock, blues, cabaret, rockabilly, and swing.

Like alchemists transmuting lead to gold, The Shivering Brigade takes inspiration from strife, struggle and tumultuous misadventures, transmogrifying their lousy luck into songs brimming with joy, defiance and humor.

Tri-State Conspiracy

Tri-State Conspiracy is a "psycho swing" and ska band based in New York City. Their sound is derived from the Brian Setzer Orchestra era of neo swing combined with the driving punk rock aesthetics of such bands as The Ramones and The Misfits....with plenty of ska and rockabilly thrown in for good measure. Their song lyrics address such subject matter as murder, revenge, zombies, and mental illness. With 4 horn players, 2 guitarists, bass, drums, and a lead singer with a penchant for vintage suits, they have become a staple of the NYC ska scene for over a decade and have also been known to cross over into the rockabilly and gypsy punk scenes on occaision. They have had the pleasure of performing with such bands as Fishbone, The Cherry Poppin Daddies, The Squirrel Nut Zippers, The English Beat, The Slackers, and World Inferno Friendship Society, to name drop a few. Whether you are an angst ridden teenager, tatooed scenester, hipster, or barroom drunk.....Tri-State Conspiracy is guaranteed to have you dancing by the end of the night, or your money back!

The Nervous

...not so much stripping Blues down to its bare bones as we are tossing out decadent bones in its withered frame.

Far East from their Mother Land, in New York City, The Japanese Punk Rock band, Uzuhi, was born in Fall 2004.
Uzuhi means "the Sun" in Japanese. The origin of the name came directly from their strong creed of music, "Music Has No Borders."As the Sun shines the world, Uzuhi plays music toward the world.

When they formed, they tended to be categorized as a Heavy Rock or Hard Core band. However, after several months of silence, the decided to take on a new challenge; turning themselves into an Acoustic Punk Rock 2-piece band.
Their challenge kept going for a year and finally, they could encounter with new members of a pianist and drummer and got reborn as a new style of Uzuhi in 2007.
They have played in various states and many famous venues in New York City, such as CBGB and Knitting Factory. They are trying to create their own Punk Rock. And their positive and challengeable actions make people supportive with Uzuhi steadily.

$10 advance, $12 at the door


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The Shivering Brigade record release party with Tri-State Conspiracy, The Nervous, Uzuhi

Friday, August 2 · 7:00 PM at The Paper Box