K-sides is a 6 piece band out of Tulsa, OK that was formed by grooving bass slapper Stephen King and synth-smasher Matt McCulloch on January 10th, 2011. Stephen King recruited drummer Fabian Robles from Krsna the Scarecrow to lend his cymbal destruction skills, Bria Edwards from Driving Avery to bring her unmistakable voice, as well as Ben McCulloch and Daniel Rodriguez from former band COLOR9 to add searing guitars. With the departure of Fabian and Daniel and the addition of Dustin, the band continues on with writing and recording their debut album.

So keep a lookout for upcoming high energy, dance soaked shows and an atomic bomb album drop VERY SOON!

Hey Dollface

Imagine members of Paramore and Green Day fighting to the death with only the strongest surviving - Those remaining are Hey!Dollface; ready to entrance bystanders with unlimited energy, body-shaking grooves, and a pink-haired singer who stays in tune.
Music makes the world spin.

Since the beginning of recorded history, musicians have graced the masses with art. Most artists strive for years to reach inside someone with a medium and reconstruct their whole state of existence beyond a level previously unattainable.

That state of existence can be materialized as a soul; something we each have that is as unique as each star in the sky. Encapsulating that soul is something just as unique: You. So, in ways, one could say that Bria Edwards, Fabian Robles, Daniel Rodriguez, and Casper Guinn comprised Hey!Dollface for You.

Music is ever-evolving, like all of us Earth inhabitants. The band's music revolves around our life experiences, both verbally and sonically. Some composites are vibrant and energetic staccatos of personal strength while others are the lullabies of sweet, confident accomplishment.

Each member puts a piece of life into the songs until a body is created from art. This body acts as the vessel to reach inside of You and let the passion of music rest lightly on one's state of existence. The Heartbeat lays the foundation for all the rhythms and cycles that reside within the body, The Soul bridges the gap between the physical and spiritual by resonance, and The Voice speaks the mind, heart, and soul of the now-alive entity.

This is the music that makes the world go 'round.
This is the soul that fills the lifeless dolls.
This is the vessel that the artists use to bridge the mind and soul.
So it is for this we say:

Hello, Dolls.

For the Wolf

For the Wolf is an American dark punk-rock band from Tulsa, Oklahoma. Combining a love of horror with stoner metal influences, For the Wolf has a macabre sound that will thrill children of the night and ignite Halloween dancefloors.

Kristy Emory (vocals) and husband Coby Emory (guitar) proved that blood is thicker than water when the band formed in 2010, alongside Noah Emory (drums, twin brother to Coby), Jeremy Mullis (guitar, brother to Kristy) and Rockey Jackson (bass, lifelong family friend) Bonding over a love of Return of the Living Dead and Night of the Demons and bands like Black Sabbath and Deftones, For the Wolf has been electrifying fans ever since.

For the Wolf's first EP, Floating Through The Veins And The Power Of The Wolf, was released in 2011, followed by the full-length album Hi, Tapes! In 2012. The band provide the theme song for KMOD's Big Mad Morning Show and recorded the ominous anthem, Aethyr, for the Nowata Asylum Haunted House in 2012. Having opened for bands like Powerman 5000 and Harley Poe, For the Wolf create alternative punk, with teeth.

Look out for the new album by For the Wolf, Turn on the Dark, from Horrorhounds Records in March - www.horrorhoundrecords.com. Turn on the Dark will be available to buy at the HorrorHound Weekend, March 21st to March 23rd 2014, where For the Wolf will join Calabrese, Harley Poe and the Creeping Cruds for an all night concert at Sharonville Convention Center.

Visit www.forthewolfok.com for more information or talk to the band directly through Facebook - www.facebook.com/forthewolfok.

Ben, Henry, Sam, Charlie, and Reggie. We make music to transform your brainwaves. We're loud, eccentric, and we want to be your friends.
Charlie Williams and Ben McCulloch lived 3 blocks away from each other. Their first band was doomed to fail. After several practices with different people and band names Ben invited keyboardist Henry Gray to join the "band." The trio spent almost a year jamming together on and off and formed a firm musical foundation. However, we needed a bassist. Charlie started going to TSAS and met Sam. Oceanaut was born. When Charlie started writing on guitar, Reggie was brought in to add his sweet drumming skills to the mix.

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