Fuck Dave Strait Fest (Saturday Night Show)

Dear Landlord

Adam and Brett play in the Copyrights, Zack plays in Houseboat and Off With Their Heads and Brad plays in the Gateway District. We have a split 7" with the Chinese Telephones out on It's Alive and Recess Records, and another split with Off With Their Heads on No Idea Records. We just finished recording a full length LP/CD titled "Dream Homes", out June 30th on No Idea.

The brokedowns

The Copyrights

THE COPYRIGHTS are a pop punk band formed in Carbondale, Illinois in 2002 in Carbondale, Illinois. Arising from a scene Drummer Luke McNeill said at the time 'had a lot of Indie rock bands with a lot of pretentiousness, and no good punk bands.' Five records later, they are touring the country under a buzzsaw hail of guitars and non-stop hummable melodies. Tune in, turn on, and singalong...

The Slow Death

Arms Aloft

We are four young men from Wisconsin who do their best to hold down often-times dreary jobs. Our favorite haunt is a modified factory floor in the industrial sector of our hometown, where we practice, record songs, and make plans.

Dead Skull

There's no need to check your ears or your calendars folks. It's not 1993. However, the honest and straightforward rock that Cheap Girls brings might successfully transport some to the days when slick overproduction was unheard of and autotuned vocals were just a myth. Adam Aymor and Ian Graham started kicking around the idea of doing a new band in the fall of 2006. At first it was more talk than actual work. It wasn't until the beginning of 2007 and the addition of Ben Graham on drums that Cheap Girls began firing on all cylinders. Influenced by the Lemonheads, Superchunk, The Old 97's, Green Day, Superdrag and Samiam, they produce a sound filled with pounding drums, jangly guitars and super sweet vocal melodies that harkens back to a simpler time and place. What started as an idea of a laid-back band as an extra thing to do after work suddenly transformed itself into a national and soon to be internationally touring band. They've already managed to traverse the east coast several times, tour into the southern US for The Fest and have plans set up for a European tour in May and full US tour in the Fall. With several releases under their belt, Cheap Girls keep getting better and better. Starting out with the "Throw Fits" EP (limited to 100 and all hand numbered) that they self-released and the "Find Me a Drink Home" LP (Bermuda Mohawk, Los Diaper, Quote Unquote) released in April of 2008, Cheap Girls have already begun work on their second LP. Paper + Plastick decided that Cheap Girls were too good to pass up and will be repressing the remastered version of the "Find Me a Drink Home" LP and releasing the bands newest album which is being recorded with Rick Johnson of Bomb the Music Industry and Mustard Plug. The new album is expected to see the light of day sometime around mid 2009.



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Fuck Dave Strait Fest (Saturday Night Show) with The brokedowns, Too Many Daves, The Copyrights, The Slow Death, Pale Angels, The Raging Nathans, The...

Saturday, August 17 · 6:00 PM at Triple Rock Social Club