IAMSU w/ Kool John, Jay Ant, Future Heroes, BMBC and (unit)E

Iamsu!, the 23-year-old producer and rapper with a mop afro and playful laugh, enjoys the challenge of bridging two worlds. Known both for his grounded storytelling and command of West Coast party music's slapping palette, he's a thoughtful introvert and high-energy leader all in one. Along with his crew HBK Gang, he's offering listeners a new brand of positive, pro-individuality rap that might be mistaken for preachy if it weren't so fun.

Though he was born in Richmond, California, the East Bay city where Master P hatched the blueprint for No Limit Records, Iamsu! spent most of his childhood in a neighboring suburb in the hills where he and his mother, a school teacher, moved in with his grandma. “On our street there were people driving Porsches, but I was sharing a room with my mom. That was hella culture shock. I didn’t know what crowd to be with,” he remembers. Unwilling to choose “skater” over “hood” friends or vice versa, Su and the HBK guys carved their own “middle” lane: growing their hair, making the honor roll and valuing self-acceptance and a good time above all else.

Iamsu! learned to make beats as a teen at Youth Radio, an Oakland nonprofit where he studied with hyphy hitmaker Trackademicks, brushed shoulders with a young Kreayshawn and tutored other kids. Eventually he and HBK Gang, now a 16-man crew, started holing up in HBK producer Chief’s basement studio, spending hours collaborating around a Pro Tools-rigged PC. Su credits the confidence of his recordings to the HBK guys, who created a comfortable environment where he could experiment with his raspy flow and expand his sound. “I’m hella shy, but not when we’re around each other. I’m more experimental with my style over there,” he explains.

From HBK’s humble mini-studio, Su has contributed to surprisingly wide-reaching songs, like “Function,” last Summer’s feel-goofy anthem with E-40, YG and Problem, Wiz Khalifa’s “Bout Me” and LoveRance’s “Up,” the spare sex ode Su produced and guest emceed on. “Up” shows Su’s talent for writing straightforward, easy-to-lock-into hooks, but he’s prouder of the detailed production and carefully arranged melodies on 2012’s introspective Kilt tape, where he boasts about being trustworthy, staying independent (“2 Milli”) and making honest money (“Mama I Made It”). “When I first started rapping, I tried to talk about hood shit and it was a flop,” he says. “I rap for people that wanna enjoy themselves and chill out. I make music for girls to get dressed to. Ultimately, it makes the most sense for me to be myself.”

Su’s four recent tapes (Kilt, bass-centric $uzy 6 $peed and Jay Ant collaboration Stoopid in 2012; Million Dollar Afro with rising LA rapper Problem in 2013) have spawned approachable street anthems like “Mobbin,” and a “100 Grand” remix with Juvenile, catching the attention of West Coast fans and national tastemakers alike. Stereogum named $uzy it’s Mixtape of the Week and SPIN ranked Su as one of this past June’s Best New Artists. He was nominated for XXL’s 2013 Freshman List and profiled in The FADER’s 2013 Spring Style issue. Currently putting together music for a Kilt sequel and taking meetings with major labels, he continues to generate new material, in the interest of delivering the best possible product to fans new and old. “I don't focus on the things that I've already done, I always think about what’s next and how I can elevate myself,” he says. “I want to inspire people through that energy. I feel like I was put here to connect people.”

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Jay Ant was born Richmond CA, and raised in the Bay Area. He started rapping in elementary school and making beats on his computer at the age of 14. He grew up listening to R&B artists such as Al Green, Jodeci, Aaliyah, Teddy Riley, Michael Jackson, and Marvin Gaye. His production also influenced by contemporary artists like Kanye West, 2Pac, Pharrell, Andre 3000, Jay Z, Common, N.E.R.D, Daft Punk and a few other . While in high school he became part of a group with 3 other young talented rappers, each with their own distinct personalities and style, called The Diligentz.

They were at the forefront of the Bay Area's Punk Rock (hip hop) Movement. Their single "Punk Rock" became their brand/ lifestyle about their dress, talk and walk and created a movement that had fellow teens all over copying their style and rocking out to their music. The "Punk Rock Remix" produced by Jay Ant, and featuring the Pack and Go Dav, was featured in Spin Magazine's website as a Top Download for February 2007 and radio stations such as KMEL and KYLD quickly put them in the mix. Their Myspace page grew by the day (over 28,000 friends) and their popularity grew as did the number of live performances they did. Jay Ant created 90% of the music the Diligentz put out. And he continues to write, record and perform with the group.

It was only natural that he would start creating music for a solo project and in 2008 he dropped his debut street album, All About Being Cool. Because of the momentum of the Diligentz and the online presence of Jay Ant, his CD was a viral hit and several singles were picked up by local DJs. In 2009 he dropped his first radio single "So Sexy" which got a lot of radio spins in 2009 by KMEL and KYLD In Spring 2010, 106.1 KMEL named him in the list of the Top Ten Bay Area Freshman (hip hop acts) to watch on the rise to stardom.

Jay Ant known for his ambient, trippy, bass heavy music, with a touch of "Hyphy" has worked with numerous artists like Lil B The Based God, The Pack, IAMSU,HBK, Juvenile, Mannie Fresh, Turk, Wiz Khalifa, Clyde Carson, E-40 and The Cataracs, just to name a few. In 2012 he linked up with long time friends Kuya Beats, P-Lo, and Iamsu and joined the production team "Invasion Beats." He continues to perform live with the Diligentz and increasingly as a solo act. He is an artist that his audience can relate to, and a breath of fresh air in hip hop, with his trippy production. His lifestyle "Believers Circle" and trippy imagination encourages people to always entertain the impossible and stop the unnecessary drama that the hip hop culture is often associated with, and to ultimately get his fans to believe in themselves.

He is reminding people to have fun, chill, and have a good time with music. Jay Ant is seasoned, and veteran in the young bay area music scene bringing a new sound and movement to Hip Hop. He is proof that being yourself is always cool.

Future Heroes

Future Heroes is an up and coming Colorado-based hip hop duo, made up of members Ken 'Deezy' (producer/rapper) and Mario 'Mars' (rapper). Mars and Deezy met at CU Boulder in 2011, Deezy was studying Journalism and Mars was studying Communications on a Football scholarship. The two pursued music individually before meeting, but never found anyone who quite fit their unique style. When the two met, their musical styles melded perfectly and they have been making music together constantly ever since. The goal of Future Heroes first and foremost is to be relatable: to always present themselves as two regular guys and never lose the ability to speak to the masses.

Future Heroes have shared the stage with acts including Too Short and Warren G, Flatbush Zombies, IAMSU, and are continuing to expand their audience performing with other Hip Hop and EDM artists. They are currently recording and mixing their second mixtape “NATIVE” which will be released Spring 2014. “NATIVE” incorporates a variety of hip hop, trap, and EDM sounds with catchy, creative verses that are unique to Future Heroes’ style of music.

LivedLife Movement - {HushLife & (uNiT)e}

HushedLife and (uNiT)e not only share a bond through music but are also bound by blood.Since the birth of these two artists there was a connection deeper then the eye could see. The two cousins musical roots trace back to their grandfather, an amazingly gifted musician who passed away when both (uNiT)e and HushedLife were beginning to develop a passion and love for music. LivedLife is a movement that not only captures the attention of an audience, it delivers relatable messages and creates an escape through the revolutionary sounds created originally by HushedLife and the original yet witty style of (uNiT)e. LivedLife has opened for artists such as Pete Rock & CL Smooth, IAMSU!, Jay Ant, Kool John, and are making a name for themselves through the Colorado Hip Hop scene.

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