EMEFE (em-ef-ayyy!) is a band lead by Miles Arntzen, a young musician based in New York City. Miles got the group together in December of the year 2009. Inspired by his musical heroes in Antibalas, who encouraged him to study the life and music of Fela Anikulapo Kuti, and Medeski Martin and Wood, who taught him about the importance of the individual and the self in music, Miles started recording demos of the tunes that became EMEFE.

It is important to note that Fela Kuti, the man who created the music we play, lived in a different time - he made his music as a response to the injustices that ruled everyday life in Africa (specifically Nigeria) in the 70's and 80's. His music was about not becoming zombies under the authorities. He sang about not letting the corrupt government officials bring his people down. So why does EMEFE play this music? In the same way that Fela used this music as an escape from and confrontation against the authorities, EMEFE uses it to escape the inner authority inside all of us, the doubts and worries that are there inside our minds every day. Our mission is to use our music to help ourselves and our listeners let go of those trivial negatives that bring us down. We want to fight the inner authorities that we put on ourselves, each for our own specific reasons. With deep respect for Fela Kuti, we are excited to play the music he created - afrobeat - because, simply, it makes us happy. We hope it makes you happy too.

EMEFE also takes inspiration from the improvised music made by Medeski Martin and Wood and other areas of music and life to produce music that makes the listener want to dance in a happy frenzy. Check out our afrobeat funk tunes and give some feedback!

The band could be called an afrobeat band, with influence from Fela Kuti and Antibalas. It could be called a funk band, with influence from Sly, MMW, The Roots, and the Dap-Kings. But what's in a genre? We are, quite simply, EMEFE.

With a new year comes a renewed energy and sound from Mammal Dap. The four mammals got together for the first time in October 2012 and quickly discovered the effortless musical chemistry they shared. They immediately set to recording the songs that unfolded in these early sessions, and their unique blend of electro-soul, funk, hip hop and jazz took shape. After locking themselves in the lab for the past year, they have emerged with their debut EP, 5lbs High5. The group draws from a deep love of old school funk and indie rock songwriting, while also giving a nod to master beatmakers like Madlib, J. Dilla and Flying Lotus. The result is a swirling blend of experimental soul and warm electronic textures. “It's a lush, laidback and funky sound that would provide a perfect soundtrack for cruising town in a very large Cadillac” (Valley Advocate, MA).

The boys set off on their first Northeast tour just one year since forming and set to attack. Deli Magazine selected the band to perform at their CMJ 2013 Afrobeat Showcase, and they even grabbed the attention of SPIN Magazine's CMJ coverage. The mammals have had the honor of sharing the stage with many incredible musicians, including Marco Benevento, Superhuman Happiness, EMEFE, Barika, and Swift Technique. Mammal Dap has stepped back into their home studio once again to record their first full release. The new record captures a matured sound and a fresh batch of road-tested material, coupled with some new studio tricks up their sleeves. Watch for its release in early 2014.

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Barika + EMEFE, with Mammal Dap

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