Desciples chemically engineered their sound to put your body in motion. There’s enough delay to swim in and the thick percussion section will keep your head just above water. The groove is heavy set, yet spacious, almost like basking in the sun on a private beach with your own personal bartender. Don’t be surprised when they bust into a rocking White Stripes or Depeche Mode cover. The band has taken the term “DreadRock” to new heights by blending such contrasting bands as Bob Marley and Peter Tosh with Jimi Hendrix and Nirvana.

In 2005 Stephen Hashbarger was 17 and had just begun his songwriting career. He went to an open mic night in Englewood, Colorado, where he met Chilli and began the musical project that would later become Desciples. Fast forward to 2007. In front of a sold out crowd at the Gothic Theatre in Englewood, Desciples won the Denver leg of a national battle of the bands competition and became 1 of 17 groups remaining. They then played a nationally televised performance at the Rock ‘N Roll Hall of Fame.

In the Summer of 2009, Desciples recorded their debut studio album. On July 10th 2010 “Soul Searching & Couch Surfing” was released. The album presents a behind-the-scenes view of the success’ and failures of Stephen’s life that is skillfully told. From the trials of personal relationships and the angst of growing up to the struggles of the band and his home life to major events taking place around the world today, this album is a journey through the mind of a conflicted yet compassionate soul. Desciples’ love for life and humanity is brilliantly conveyed in this compilation of recorded songs and displayed first hand at their over the top high-energy live performances.

Lion SoulJahs

One of Colorado's greatest reggae bands! These highly respected musicians are some of the regions most talented and experienced artists, deeply rooted in reggae tradition! Lion SoulJahs are best known for their originals but have been known to throw in a cover or two. And, they play an eclectic fusion of conscious roots and high-energy dancehall rhythms to please even the most critical of audiences. Lion SoulJahs have very extensive past experience such as backing up Kymani Marley, Frankie Paul, and Sammy Dread. These musical veterans have opened for some of reggae's biggest and best acts including Damina "Jr Gong" Marley, Stephen Marley, Ziggy Marley, The Wailers, Yellowman, Burning Spear, Jimmy Cliff, Beres Hammond, Black Uhuru, Third World, Sizzla,...and the list goes on! They have also performed at some of Colorado's best known venues including The Gothic Theater, The Fox Theater in Boulder, and Red Rocks Amphitheater for Reggae on the Rocks!

Mono Verde

This project arises with the intention to present Latin Reggae and Latin Rythms in our language to people
in this course. And therefore,bring to light Latin American Reggae bands.
Mono Verde is made by musicians from Mexico, Dominican Republic, Venezuela, Colombia, El Salvador and U.S,
continuing in the search of experiences to create revolutionary, spiritual music with the intention of helping our brothers.
At the moment, they have independently recorded an produced two Albums: "Ensamblando Culturas" (Assembling Cultures)
and "Ecos de fe y esperanza" (Echoes of faith and hope), which now is in promo.

Sol Authority

From the 303, Front Range of Colorado USA, Ska/Reggae/Rock Band Sol Authority brings a positive sound filled with high energy and a variety of influences. Spun from 3 original members of the Crested Butte Indy/Ska Band, Buntron Smith, Sol Authority has taken a up-beat approach towards the Colorado lifestyle. “Enjoying the outdoors, the power of music, and the freedom to be yourself are things that drive the music we create.”-SM Whether political or pop, Sol Authority is always going to represent the beauty in Music and Life. “Work Hard, Play Hard Colorado!”

Front Man Vocal/Lead Guitarist/Songwriter, Steve Pohl (Denver, CO) Originally from Michigan has influences spanning from Pink Floyd to Jack Johnson. “I like moving forward!” says Steve, keeping the songs rolling in and the band constantly on the up and up. You can rest assured that Steve will find the right effect and equipment to keep his songs Challenging, Progressive and Thought Provoking.

Bassist/Songwriter, Dennis Heinemann (Denver, CO) Originally from Massachusetts, has an energy that can’t be topped!! Bouncing to the beat without ever missing it, no one can get you dancing with a smile faster than “D”. Oh yeah….those facial expressions, they’re legit! Stretching his composition wings recently, you can soon look forward to hearing songs with influences from artists such as The Clash and Jimmy Cliff.

Drummer/Songwriter Sean Fister “Mr. Fister” (Native to Littleton, CO), is without question the epicenter of Sol Authority’s driving energy. Sean’s Funk/Punk background, in addition to his easy going personally and flexibility, provides the band with a SOLID beat of any kind, with influences from Funk Drummers Jabo Starks and Clyde Stubblefield to Funk Sensations James Brown and The Roots. Slow it down or speed it up, Sean will be two steps ahead of you, and bringing it in HOT.

Female Vocal/Percussionist, Miss Holly Marie Abner (Denver, CO) Originally from Minnesota, brings you that sweet sound from a sweet Mid-West Girl. With Influences from Etta James and Lauren Hill, Holly’s voice fills the air with Harmonies, Melodies, and just the right touch of spice. “Yeah…I Shake things up!”-HA. With a degree in Marketing, Holly is the “GO GET EM” of group. Hey… with a face like that, you probably have or will run into Holly promoting and marketing for Sol Authority.

Female Trumpet/Background Vocalist, Simone Star McGinnis (Native to Denver,CO), brings the authentic sounds of original Ska horn sections, while her undeniable Jazz background tries to peek through. From NOFX and Bob Marley to Miles Davis and Winton Marsalis Simone will play to about anything you can lay down, bringing a unique sound to the mix, while reviving the dwindling art of brass musicianship in the modern music scene.

Inna Di Red

This group of musicians has been writing and collaborating for several years now. But it wasn't until this spring (of 2013) that they introduced themselves to the world as the newly refurbished Inna Di Red. With a finalized lineup of skilled musicians, they are confident in their ability to deliver songs that will move souls as well as inspire change within the lives of their listeners. Inna Di Red's goal is to not only bring listeners enjoyment with their music, but also to raise awareness and take action in the spiritual war that exists amongst us all. So open up your mind and your heart and give Inna Di Red a listen. One love!

$5.00 - $10.00


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