Endless Summer Fest 4 Featuring...Jesse Baker, The Shackletons

Jesse Baker Band

"I am an independent artist from central Pennsylvania.

"Tearing Down The Walls" is my introduction to the world as an artist. Written, recorded, and produced in my small bedroom studio, it is a true representation of myself. Although it was not created to the industry standard of modern recordings, I believe it is honest work that people can relate to.

I was fortunate to collaborate with very talented musicians during the start of this musical adventure. They invested in my music with little return besides the moments we shared performing. The lineup has changed with time; I now work with a solid group of guys who eat, sleep, and breathe music. There is no doubt in my mind that they will push my music to the next level (and possibly many levels after that).

Honesty is the most important characteristic of our band. We'd rather be under-estimated than over-blown. We try to maintain an honest appearance by simply sharing our work and connecting with others. What you see is what you get! Work hard and let the music speak for itself.

Thanks for listening,

The Shackletons

Ducky and the Vintage

One could describe the music of Harrisburg, PA's DUCKY AND THE VINTAGE in many ways as there are a lot of elements in one indie rock package. The dark but upbeat songs would be perfectly at home on the soundtrack for HBO's True Blood, but, perhaps the best way to describe it, is to get it straight from the Duck's mouth:

"My music is basically a rock 'n roll, bluesy country, soulful vibe with some pop infused," explains frontman/songwriter Matt 'Ducky Duke' Ryan. "I think the songs put across a vintage sound coupled with a more modern approach and they really sum up everything that I am as a person and a musician. It's just rock 'n roll in my own way."

To those who think the name Ducky is a shout out to Pretty In Pink, Ryan's stage moniker is simply a high school nickname that never quite went away. Says Ryan: "My best friend gave me that nickname after winning a stuffed duck out of a crane machine at a diner when we were in high school and it has just sort of stuck. I don't take myself too seriously, and therefore I think it suits me... most people tend to agree."

Ryan - self described as "quirky" and "very ADD" - might not take himself too seriously (meet him at a show and ask him to do his Speak-And-Spell impression), but his music is anything but whimsical. 'Take Our Souls Back' is a dark pop gem with a robotic drumbeat that envelopes the listener as Ryan's soulful vocals open with the lines "I didn't even think love was gonna be easy, but I didn't think I'd have to break your heart for you need me"

'Days of The Walking Dead' starts off sounding like Ryan might be taking a cue from FRANZ FERDINAND before breaking into a hook laden chorus for a track that inexplicably sounds upbeat and eerie at the same time. Says Ryan: "The song is about understanding what is to come and preparing for it - taking the good with the bad and the bad with the good. It's about the days where just getting out of bed can feel like a zombie wandering around looking for brains."

Fortunately, when it comes to the music of DUCKY AND THE VINTAGE, there's not a lot of bad to have to take with the good.

Hot Jam Factory

Hot Jam Factory is where Garage rock, Psychedelic and Blues meet for a hell of a time. With Front man Jordan Trevino and Phil Altenburg on drums this duo packs one energetic punch that'll get you movin'.

Divine Air

"An Alternative/Indie Rock band with a dream, a vision, and a heart. To change, to impact, and to rock. Divine Air is simply a group of men on a mission to change lives with their music and help put an end to the injustice that is Human Trafficking through The Justice Project.

They say where words fail, music speaks. Music will speak to your heart in ways mere words cannot. Born out of Lancaster, Divine Air has already made waves in the area.

With Dave Smith on Vocals and Rhythm Guitar, Ethan Patterson on Drums, Tim Mohler on Lead Guitar, and Sean Otto on Bass, Divine Air is comprised of some unique individuals. This band proves you don't have to be a certain age, come from a specific background, follow any specific religion or view to love music.

Colored Vinyl

"Cultivated in Lancaster Pennsylvania, Colored Vinyl is a Post-Punk/Rock band that was formed in early 2012. Fresh out of high school, things are moving quickly for this band compromised mostly of college freshmen. Vocalists Emily Wallace Gerdy (multi-talented guitarist) and Benjamin Yohe (bassist) harmonize to compliment each other, giving the band its unique fervent sound, while guitarist Mickey Keck and drummer Connor Stoehr consistently (along with Yohe on bass) provide the band with a strong and affecting foundation.
In the past 8 months the band has won a battle of the bands competition titled "Champ Of The Champ," released a full length album titled '180 Gram' as well as a music video for their single "The Way That You Move." They continue to play many local shows, recently becoming a headlining band, and certainly a locally recognized one. Over the past year the band has played venues such as 'The Chameleon Club' and 'The Lancaster County Convention Center' in Lancaster, and 'The Champion Ship' in Harrisburg. Influences for their innovative and dynamic songs include Joan Jett and The Runaways, iconic classic rock groups such as The Who and The Rolling Stones, as well as modern powerhouse groups like The Used, Blink-182 and The Pink Spiders.
The members plan to continue performing locally, as well as possibly touring and releasing another album. As they play their new songs for an eager and loyal audience, it becomes apparent that their music is becoming more complex and diverse, appealing to a wider demographic and will continue to engage and please listeners both old and new. Colored Vinyl is a talented young band on the rise and is without a doubt a force to be reckoned with."

Small Town Titans

"Are you a Titan?

Many of you are probably wondering exactly what a Titan is.

ti·tan noun \'ti-t?n\: one that is gigantic in size or power: one that stands out for greatness of achievement - Merriam Webster's Dictionary

A Titan wakes up every day and looks forward to what they will achieve in the next 24 hours. A Titan doesn't care how many times he/she falls down and always gets back up. A Titan doesn't wait for their dreams to come true, he/she makes them happen. A Titan doesn't play it safe.

The Small Town Titans hail from the York, PA area and have set out to achieve greatness from day one by not playing it safe. What started out as a simple jam session blossomed into a rock n' roll band that wows every single person in attendance everywhere they go. Drawing comparisons to Avenged Sevenfold, Soundgarden, Rage Against the Machine, and Shinedown to name a few, they have won over a very diverse crowd of rock fans spanning anywhere from age 8 to 60 thanks to sharing the stage with the likes of Pop Evil, Saving Abel, Otherwise, Foxy Shazam, Nonpoint, and many others.

Their sound recently drew the attention of John Moyer, bass player for Disturbed and Adrenaline Mob, which led to him being a co-writer on the band's first full-length release "From Fight to Flight". His co-writing talents can be heard on their new single "Flight 24". The record was funded through an Indiegogo campaign thanks to their fans, who shattered their donation goal and were rewarded nicely with exclusive bonus tracks, t-shirts, posters, and more. Some of them are even on the record.

The result is an album that runs the gamut musically and lyrically. The songs go from modern rock, to double bass drum fueled metal, to acoustic guitar driven ballads and the blues. Lyrical subject matter covers every emotion possible, but with a theme of being able to overcome whatever life throws at us. It is the strongest message the band believes in. Their music is for Titans and by Titans.

So ask yourself again. Are you a Titan?"

Iron Vessel

Iron Vessel is a Lancaster based Southern Indie Rock band. With skills beyond their years, Iron Vessel is trying to expand their fan base globally


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Endless Summer Fest 4 Featuring...Jesse Baker, The Shackletons with Ducky and the Vintage, Hot Jam Factory, Divine Air, Colored Vinyl, Small Town Titans, Iron Vessel, S...

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