JOAN OF ARC, Air Waves


Jumping between mathy ballads, acoustic meanderings, minimalist experimentation, and post-rock-indie-epics, Joan Of Arc have exhibited a fearless artistry in their 14 years of existence. A seemingly inseparable appendage of the group's only consistent member Tim Kinsella, JOA is, in our humble opinion, one of the most unapologetically prolific bands of our generation - both in output and artistic vision. Joyful Noise Recordings

Air Waves

Fronted by vocalist/guitarist, Nicole Schneit, Air Waves is a band that belongs on your iPod playlists during the summer, while riding your bike on a sunny day, or even when you’re unwinding from a busy day. Schneit’s storytelling is relayed through simple lyrics that come from a pure heart on top of organic chords wrapped in peaceful drumming. Although Air Waves’ music is soothingly non-pretentious, don’t you dare lump Schneit’s songs into the fragile folk. The truth is heard in her hints of country music and her catchy clever lyrics are reminiscent of the Pixies’ pop rock. Songs such as “Lightning” aren’t overclouded with unbearable cuteness but are polished by a sharp tongue that whips out a strong story instead. Schneit still writes about things such as love, but there’s a straight-to-the-point factor in her vocals that feeds the listener intellectual clarity in the midst of her charm. - BeatCrave

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