A Wilhelm Scream

A Wilhelm Scream

How does one gauge the success of a band pushing the envelope of a genre that receives little to no credit by the mainstream media? In the case of A Wilhelm Scream, the answer is “Who cares?” – As a band playing punk rock for over a decade, members Trevor Reilly, Nuno Pereira, Nick Angelini, Brian Robinson and Mike Supina haven’t focused on success, image or whatever bandwagon a group can jump on to get their music into the ears of listeners: It’s the ideal of music from an honest place, playing to the kids who want to hear more than a simple love song, or want an opinion rammed down their throats.

Despite operating just below the radar A Wilhelm Scream have carved out a reputation as one of the best live bands around, bolstered by their staggeringly rich albums of ultra-technical melodic punk rock firestorms. Playing 250+ worldwide shows each year, the band posses a work ethic best described as ‘heroic’.

Single Mothers

Montreal by way of London band Single Mothers has made a compelling case for how red flags, stacked odds and strike outs can somehow inspire a collective recklessness to keep at it. Known for their dangerously explosive live show and the palpable tension that bleeds into their music, the band has ran through 9 members since its inception in 2008, and has broken up countless times. However, after disbanding in early 2011 the band quietly posted their final EP online. It achieved a cult following and inspired the band to reform the following year. Pairing feral punk with rock 'n' roll sensibilities, Single Mothers has accepted that all their trials, tribulations and tensions have not only gotten them here but have motivated them to work even harder. And, if that's to be believed then a ton of wrongs can lead to a right.

Good Graces

From the streets of Philadelphia comes Good Graces, a melodic indie punk band whose nucleus took shape after many inspired conversations shared between singer/guitarist Aaron Ditro and guitarist Justin Dehel following their trip to The Fest in 2011. After being joined by bassist Dan Kuzma and drummer Frank Tieri, their plan had begun to fully take root. With the release of their self-titled 7" EP on Indian Teeth Records, all of their hard work was rewarded by both fan and critical acclaim. Good Graces have carved their own unique niche into a sound that most listeners will find to be familiar yet fresh, by blending the urgency of punk and the melodic sensibilities of indie rock. In the time since their last release, Good Graces has been pouring their heart and soul into the writing of new material which is to become their much anticipated debut full length (out this fall on Creep Records).

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