Space In Time

Space In Time set their time machine for 40 years into the future and stepped out into Denver, CO to bring forth their own brand of killer, ‘70s influenced, heavy rock and roll. Featuring Suzanne (vocals), Javram (guitar), Charlie (bass), Yancy (drums), and Vaughn (keys).

Space In Time’s first full length, self-titled debut was self-released in 2011. It contains 9 solid tracks of pure, blistering rock and roll. Their second full length album, Rock and Roll, was also self-released in September, 2013. The swirling Hammond organ and guitar's catchy leads play off one another bringing to mind the harder side of Uriah Heep and Rainbow.

The third album promises to be an even further trip into the depths of early heavy metal as the song writing matures and this well oiled machine that is Space In Time works harder and harder to bring you on the most authentic, head-banging, mind-bending, sonic trip to the early ‘70s... now.

Native Daughters

From the minds that brought you Mustangs & Madras, and Get Three Coffins Ready. A five man journey into the depths of sound.

Git Some

We like to play Rock music. We like to have a hell of a good time. We play Rock Concerts in bedrooms, basements, garages, l"living" rooms, hallways, bars, clubs, theaters, both indoors…AND outdoors. We have a Rock record called “Cosmic Rock”, and it was released late in the summer of 2008 by 1234go! Records, of Oakland California. We are also on a split 7inch record with our good friend Mike Hale and his band, “In the Red”’ also released by 1234go! Records. We done many tours, most recently a two-month tour of Europe in the Fall of 2008. We made so many awesome new friends, and met some absolutely amazing people. No doubt we will continue to do so. We are once again touring the west coast beginning on May 20th at the Atomic Cantina, in beautiful Albuquerque, New Mexico. Please see the tour dates below. Drop us a line, and we will write you back. Come to a show and say howdy. We will prolly look like a bunch of dirty scumbags, but we really like to meet new friends. We’re lovers, not fighters, but if you fuck with us, we will kick your fucken ass like a satanic ninja! We like to drink lots of coffee. We are into Hall and Oates. We will dance in your living room to Lee Perry at 3 a.m. We will cook you a hell of a breakfast if you let us sleep on your couch/floor/roomates bed. ..


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