Swamp Thins

Swamp Thins

Swamp Thins is Steve and Jonathan from Swamp Thing and Biff from the Gomers and such.

Swamp Thing was a mid-80s Madison band known for playing danceable songs about animals, food, banana republics, and beautiful communists. They cooked on stage, took the audience swimming mid-song at the Terrace, and invented a three-headed, three-tailed disc fish. They regularly played at O'Cayz Corral and Club De Wash, then headed east to swing from the rafters at New York's Folk City, CBGBs, and the Pyramid Club; Boston's Rat; clubs in Philly, and elsewhere. After a few years of touring and a couple of records, Swamp Thing called it quits one day in Oklahoma after not opening for They Might Be Giants.

Jonathan Zarov (guitar and plastic bags) plus Steve Bear (snare drum and whatever is lying around that won't yell when he bangs on it) are half of Swamp Thing. Add Biff Blumfumgagnge (bass) and you get Swamp Thins -- now with 25% less carbon than the original lineup. In addition to old Swamp tunes, they'll play songs from the Yammer cannon and other newer stuff. Expect guests to add harmonies, solos, and phosphorous.

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Swamp Thins

Saturday, August 10 · 4:00 PM at High Noon Saloon