In La Kesh

In La Kesh

Established in January of 2013, In La Kesh brings a seasoned lineup of musicians and a massive repertoire of original and cover material. Perhaps most easily described as a "jamband", In La Kesh pulls from a variety of influences. Known not only for their countless original tunes, you can also hear In La Kesh covering The Grateful Dead, Jerry Garcia, and other "kind" music extensively. Be sure to expect something different and refreshing every show.

Woo Park

Funky Future Soul Love Making Grooves

Members Emily Nichols - Vocals
Parker Grogan - The Bottom
Christian Zwit - Keyboard/Synth
Luke Sangerman - Drums and Cymbals
Brian Sanborn - Guitar
Steven Rutledge - Percussion



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The Abbey Pub


In La Kesh with Woo Park

Friday, July 26 · 9:00 PM at The Abbey Pub