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The Chicharones, formed at South by Southwest in 2001, are composed of songwriters Sleep and Josh Martinez. Since releasing their 2006 opus When Pigs Fly (Camobear Records/Bella Union), they have toured the world, collaborated with the who's who of underground pop, released critically and commercially successful solo albums and become international celebrities. Much has happened in the
four years since their last release "When Pigs Fly".
"Chicharones - The Best Bar Band in America"

The Chicharones have toured the world together, solo and with live bands, and learned countless new tricks along the road. From Sleep's magic tricks and quick change routines, to Martinez's beer balancing and hi-kicking Elvis dance moves, they are buzzing everywhere with their insanely energetic live shows. Since adding live drums and bass to their live show, they can literally play with any other act and hold their own. Spin called the Chicharones "The best bar band in America" after seeing a 2.5 hour set at the Viper Room in Los Angeles. It's easy to see why. Expect 5-part harmonies, a razor tight band, costume changes, syncopated dance moves, stage magic, standup comedy and the joyful interplay of 10 year veteran performers Sleep and Josh Martinez. And there's also rap.

'Josh Martinez, aka The People's Champ'
Josh Martinez is one of the most diverse artists in the music game, surpassing the limitations of indie hip hop, inspiring countless copycats who admire his soulful singing and offbeat cultural references. He has written 7 solo albums and collobarated with everyone. In 2008, Martinez produced a musical masterpiece called The World Famous Sex Buffet (Camobear Records), starring Devin The Dude, Classified, Mother Mother, Moka Only and Pigeon John. With 10 videos, countless licensed songs, constant touring and a #1 record in Canada for three months straight, the People's Champ is thriving.

'Sleep, aka the Littlest Homie '
Sleep has carved himself a special place in the minds of Hip-Hoppers who want their music with heart. Sleep's album Christopher (Up Above Records 2007) garnered universal praise and was voted "The best hip hop album of 2007" (LA WEEKLY). His new album, Hesitation Wounds, is a masterful opus, written with his characteristically brilliant cadences, sweetheart rhymes and every man observations over blazing future music soundscapes. Featuring Del The Funkee Homosapien, Masta Ace, Abstract Rude and others, and released by Sage Francis' Strange Famous Records in spring 2009, it has already sold 5,000 copies and brought him the worldwide exposure and respect he so deserves.

'The Chicharones are Back!'
Back in the studio, the Chicharones created the 2009 return-to-form 'Swine Country' (Camobear), and was a definitive statement of explosive growth for a duo at the absolute peak of their creative powers. These are songs inspired by James Dean, heist movies, broken hearts and sweet, sweet revenge. Swine Country is host to doo-wop harmonies, adult-rated Dr. Seuss rhymes and the incredible interplay between two of rap's finest, most accomplished artists. Swine Country is Pharcyde meets Dick Dale, Kurt Kobain meets Frankie Lymon. It's fedora wearing hip hop music with the swagger of rebellion, and all the tenderness of a mother's touch. Get down and dirty. You'll thank us for it later.

'Swine Flew…Over the Cuckoo's Nest'
THE NEW ALBUM: Swine Flew…Over the Cuckoo's Nest, is the culmination of years of musical experimentation uniting the content driven hardcore poetics of the Boss Hog EP, the epic joy and sorrow of When Pigs Fly, with the Doo-Wop musicality of Swine Country to create an album for all seasons. Taking their trademark humor and harmony to a new level, the Chicharones are looking to infect the whole world with their particular brand of greasy hip hop magic. While laying themselves bare, they take both their lyrical content and musicality, to new heights. This is an adult album that speaks to children who suddenly have children, and rockstars who suddenly have mortgages. This is arguably one of the best records that has ever been made. But you will know that soon enough.

Shelton Harris & Tyler Dopps

So I could hire someone to write a biography that would captivate readers and convince them I'm some cool rapper that's different than everyone else. But in reality, I'm not. I'm a regular kid that goes through the same things as everyone else. The only thing that makes me different than the person reading this right now is that I use music to express how I feel. I don't make music for the individual, I make music for the masses. Sure I want the songs that I write to be fun and catchy, but above all I want the audience to listen past the kicks and snares and really hear what I'm trying to say. I originally started making music for fun. So to be able to say that after less than 2 years of doing it that I've already opened for a number of national touring artists, headlined my own shows, and have even been featured in a XXL Magazine article about Seattle Hip-Hop is insane to me. However I can't take all of the credit. Tyler Dopps, who I'm now working exclusively with is the mastermind behind the majority of my biggest releases. Without his influence and talents as a producer I could easily say I wouldn't be where I am right now.

We're young, we're ambitious, and nothing is going to get in the way of what we have planned for the future.


Rapper about having fun, thinking deeply and never giving up..... Be your best self.


Symmetry creates music that defies easy classification. Their style can be roughly described as alternative progressive pop/rock. Infectious vocal melodies soar on top of tasteful and dynamic instrumentation. Mike Campbell (vocals), Jared Hara (guitar), Nate Anderson (bass), and Max D'anda (drums) formed Symmetry in Los Angeles in 2012 with Jared's determination to find a balanced and like-minded group of musicians. He lost his sight at the age of 12 and found music. Jared Hara is now a blind guitar virtuoso. Once formed, Symmetry wrote unique and engaging songs at a prolific rate. They recorded their debut full-length album 'Frozen In Time' with producer James Paul Wisner at Silver Sound Studios in Woodland Hills, California.

The release date for 'Frozen In Time' has yet to be announced.

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