Spectral Fangs

Spectral Fangs

Spectral Fangs is a Danbury-based four-piece band comprised of Joe Russo (guitars, vocals), Tony Mascolo (bass, vocals), Jared Thompson (drums) and Danielle Capalbo (guitars, vocals). Its self-titled debut EP will be released in May 2013—a hook-dense collection of indie rock songs born from nights singing too loud in the basement.

Originally a three-piece garage band with dreamy drifts, Spectral Fangs expanded in November 2012 to fit waves of reverb, Danielle's hazy vocals and another layer of guitar. Now the band floats tight melodies high above a coalescence of '60s soul, '70s punk, irreverent '90s rock and indie pop. The result is an idiosyncratic and infectious canvas of sound grounded in Joe's vocal ache and elevated by Tony's soaring harmonies.

Spectral Fangs' influences range from The Shins and Belle and Sebastian to Elvis Costello, Dinosaur Jr., The dBs and The Pixies. This reflects only a sliver of the vast music catalogue galvanizing the band—and the many projects that each Fang has embarked upon since they were teenagers growing up in the Tri-State Area.

For more than a decade prior to becoming Spectral Fangs, Joe, Tony and Jared participated in Connecticut's indie music scene, driving jangly, guitar-focused garage bands like The Saltwater Swells, JFK and The Field Recordings. This sound represented a logical progression from the frenetic punk rock urgency of their earliest band years, when they played New York City dives, famous Connecticut clubs and teen centers.

Running on an often-softer track, Danielle spent years singing in VFW Halls and the living rooms and basements of college friends. Over time she carved out her acoustic singer-songwriter niche playing area bars, then found an electric guitar and briefly joined the Boston-based alternative rock outfit The First Annual.

With The Spectral Fangs EP, the band has produced songs that stay under your skin, tapping into wells made deep from playing and distilling the best of their influences.


Americana/folk/indie/alt country from New Haven, CT.

Chris Gabriel

The sounds of Chris Gabriel and drummer Spencer Savage have been compared to Elliot Smith, and break from their full time band, White Savages.

Circadian Rhythm

From the ashes of local CT rock outfit, The Autumn, comes a new act full with a vibrant and beautifully chaotic sound. A sound that defines the CT based band known as Circadian Rhythm.

The band was originally started by Craig and John back in 2007 but was put on hiatus as other projects and real life seemed to get the best of them. Finally, almost 5 years later the band is back together featuring new members, Jimmy Ryan accompanying Craig on guitar and Jay Northrop on drums and perscussion.

As of right now, the band is still in the songwriting stage and is slated to have a full length album out by February of 2013. Until then, keep your eyes peeled as shows will start being booked for the upcoming Winter and Spring season.

Michael Kusek

Guitarist of local superstars Elison Jackson take a break from the band to perform solo.



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Spectral Fangs with dbtme, Chris Gabriel, Circadian Rhythm, Michael Kusek

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