Spawned in Germany during 1984, KMFDM pioneered the crossover between techno/dance and heavy metal with their signature industrial sound. Moving to Chicago in the mid-80's KMFDM was the pride of WaxTrax! Records during the label's peak. Rapidly evolving year by year through intense experimentation and touring; the band has redefined themselves with each new release.

Venturing on to dabble in side projects and then re-establish KMFDM in Seattle and later Hamburg, Sascha's revolving band of misfits have stood the test of time. KMFDM is currently helmed by the dual vocal attack of the band's founder / leader, Sascha and the siren-voiced Lucia. To quote themselves, "The future belongs to those of us still willing to get our hands dirty". Living by their D.I.Y. philosophy, KMFDM launched their own online store, KMFDM Store ( and record label, KMFDM Records.

Through relentless musical exploration and reinvention they have continued to top themselves. The band's 2011 release, WTF?! and its companion single Krank, was no exception. This summer will find the band playing shows across North America and a mix of festival dates and headlining gigs in Europe in the Fall.

In addition to their new material KMFDM has re-released their entire back catalog from the band's WaxTrax! Records era as KMFDM Classics via Metropolis Records/KMFDM Records. To accompany the KMFDM Classics, KMFDM has released two compilations of their best known songs, the Wurst / Shit collection, and Extra, a three volume set of double disc collections of all KMFDM tracks not included on the ten KMFDM Classic albums. The classic KMFDM side project Excessive Force has also had their entire catalog re-released.

As can plainly be seen, the self-proclaimed fathers of industrial-rock show no signs of stopping.

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Thursday, October 31 · Doors 5:00 PM / Show 7:00 PM at The Webster Main Room