Maylene and the Sons of Disaster

Maylene and the Sons of Disaster

"Formed by singer Dallas Taylor shortly after he was bounced from the long-running Christian metalcore act Underoath (rumor has it that the rest of the band considered Taylor's marriage proposal to his longtime girlfriend evidence of insufficient devotion to the Rock), Maylene and the Sons of Disaster are something of a stylistic change. Although they share Underoath's hardcore roots, there's an old-school vibe to Maylene and the Sons of Disaster's sound that suggests the generation of 1970s boogie rockers that the punks were supposed to have destroyed. Taylor's throaty bark of a voice is intimately connected to the post-hardcore and screamo scenes, but it meshes with Josh Cornutt and Scott Collum's swaggering guitar riffs and the looser than usual rhythm section of bassist Roman Havaland and drummer Lee Turner to create a mixture of vintage Southern rock boogie and punky aggression that at times sounds like a new-millennium version of Humble Pie or .38 Special. Named after the notorious 1930s bank robber Maylene "Ma" Barker and her murderous sons, whose local criminal reign is now fodder for tourists in Taylor's hometown of Ocala, FL -- a commentary on how even the most violent and amoral acts can eventually become light entertainment -- Taylor formed Maylene and the Sons of Disaster in Birmingham, AL, in 2004; signing with the Christian metal label Mono vs. Stereo, the group released their self-titled debut album the following year. Following a period of personnel uncertainty during which Taylor flirted with joining a new band with some former Underoath members and former From First to Last singer Phil Readon, Maylene and the Sons of Disaster announced that their second album, imaginatively titled Maylene and the Sons of Disaster, Vol. 2, was due in the spring of 2007. It then appeared that March." - AllMusicGuide

The Stonewall Vessels

We consist of four ordinary guys who put their soul into music in hopes to create a lyrical message while communicating and relating to others.

The Changing Light

Progressive Psychedelic Post-Rock five-piece from the Lancaster-Lebanon area of Pennsylvania.


- Moonstriker -

A harmonious blend of various styles unite to define

Moonstriker as something familiar yet new to the ear.
Moonstriker is a four piece power house fueled by their shared desire to
push the limits of their creativity while still remaining relevant.

With the combination of their prophetic message, the wailing guitars,
the dirty bass lines and their relenteless battle drums, Moonstriker
delivers their music with pure passion and honesty creating a live
experience you can't help but be drawn into. Moonstriker embodies
the true spirit of rock and roll, something now a days seems to be rare..
So don't miss your opportunity to be apart of something real and come
enjoy the music.

Joel DeMartino - Vocals
Ethan Sharp - Guitar
Cody Bolt - Bass
Colin Tevis - Drums

$10.00 - $12.00


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Maylene and the Sons of Disaster with The Stonewall Vessels, The Changing Light, Moonstriker

Wednesday, July 31 · 6:00 PM at Chameleon Club