Bear and Moose, Yourself And The Air, Mufassa

Yourself And The Air

Hailing from Chicago's lower west side, Yourself And The Air combine Midwest atmospherics with the sweeping sprawl of a skyward city built on electricity and steel. Take flight over Lake Michigan and this is your soundtrack. Songs to think to. Songs to dream to. At one moment the infinitesimal line between water and sky, the next the buzzing neons of the boulevard at night, escaping crowded bars for desolate alleys — you and a memory, Yourself And The Air.

"You don't meld The Cure, Les Savy Fav, No Knife, and Modest Mouse and come away with cream pie. No matter which pieces they move — darting counter-melodies, chugging barre chords, restrained half-time — Friend Of All Breeds has a worried heart, certain it has been mistreated and desperate to understand why." --Illinois Entertainer

"Like The Pixies, Yourself and the Air are experts at building songs around distinct guitar movements that shift seamlessly into one another on a smooth rotation. Best of all, they do it without sounding like a shallow imitation." --Tiny Mix Tapes

$3.00 - $5.00


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Bear and Moose, Yourself And The Air, Mufassa

Tuesday, August 6 · 9:00 PM at Alhambra Theatre