Oh yes, hey hi hello, how are you?

And welcome to another installation of your favorite dance party.

~* W H A T E V E R F O R E V E R *~

It's just not the name of a party, it's a lifestyle choice.

Last month was an exercise in pure rhythmic dance emotion and all of you brought your movement clothes.

This month we're going to extend into positions and realms previously deemed impossible.

Writhing gracefully into consciousness Tuesday, September 24th, WHATEVER FOREVER will aspire to any and all of your beat-centric desires.


We mustn't make the party wait

DJ Whitenight, with consensual sensational permission, will create eccentric and vibrant dancescape voyages.

Crystal visions of distant smoke filled warehouses and designer mesh-panelled bicycle shorts.

I want to see you in your best neutrals, your dying shades of hope, paisley brocades, upholstered blouses, weathered damasks, and shattered baroque.

Points of interest:

-- Versailles in Fall

-- Gilded Mirrors enlisted in the Salvation Army

-- Forgotten sofas woven into sensible jeans

-- Miss Havisham tough as nails

-- Blanche Dubois with a heart of Bronze

-- Edits of an edit of a remix maybe

And W H A T E V E R will make your gold run silver.



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Tuesday, July 30 · Doors 7:00 PM / Show 10:00 PM at Dolphin Tavern