Described by The Deli Magazine contributor Tracy Mamoun as “surprising, experimental, and fun like rock ‘n’ roll should be,” the Portland quartet, Nasalrod, is a collaborative vision. The ferocious intensity of ex-FEAR drummer Spit Stix is a major driving force behind the band. Nasalrod’s first 7” release, Steward, opens with the heavy pounding of a brand new Spit Stix drumbeat. An off-center concoction of contorted guitar figures and shape-shifting rhythms quickly add fuel to the fire, setting the pace for the EP’s four manic, frenetic tracks. Nasalrod has found that originality and insanity can go hand in hand. Lead singer Chairman’s sneering, kooky yet soulful vocals soar over a sound that is simultaneously melodic, violent and convulsive. Stix, Justin Stimson and Kat Knows provide a sonic backdrop that is the twisted and quirky heart of Nasalrod.

Big Black Cloud

Raw Nerves



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