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Tulsa based Hip-Hop/R & B/Punk/Whatever we feel like fusing.

Larry g(EE)

Larry g(EE)'s debut EP "Weekends" is truly the sound of an artist coming of age. After the 2010 break-up of his band of 5 years, Larry is set to break out with his first solo effort.

While the sound of this project is influenced by the soul sounds of '60's/'70's-era group harmonies, he is not trying to replicate that sound entirely. "I'm anything but a pure traditionalist or revivalist.", says Larry. The music draws from the Motown/Stax period, as much as it does from modern day hip-hop.

"Weekends" is a collection of retro funk-soul songs with a contemporary twist. This unique album will separate Larry from the pack as an emerging artist on the rise.

All About A Bubble

All About A Bubble (A3B for short) is an American pop-rock band formed in 2011 in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Band members have previously been a part of bands such as The Televised, Astellaway, Tiger Eyed Lilly, Everyday Value, Krsna The Scarecrow,and K-Sides.
All About A Bubble started writing and recording their debut album at Gold Van Studios via Casa Le Epic June 2011.

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SocietySociety, Larry g(EE), All About A Bubble

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