Chris Arnott's  "Get to the Point"

Chris Arnott's "Get to the Point"

The plot-rock- ing, word-spouting, tale-spinning storytelling series. Hosted by writer Christopher Arnott.
No cover charge. Wonderful bartending by Margaret. A nice night out by any standards.


For Monday, June 2, the mix is just what Get to the Point! does best: representatives of the local music scene trying new things; theater types (including a special guest from Chicago and a sweet Connecticut playwright); writers of all stripes; cherished regulars who really get what Get to the Point! is all about; and one of the most appreciative, adventurous audiences in the area.

• Chicago-based singer/songwriter/musical theater composer Diana Lawrence (

• One-act comedies by Connecticut playwright Susan Cinamon, read by: Zuzanna Szadowski (Dorota Kishlovsky from Gossip Girl), Caitlin Hale (from the movie School of Rock), Erin Moffat, Joanna Keylock and others

• Bruce Tulgan of Rainmaker Thinking Inc., mixing business-speak with martial arts

• Frank Critelli, a singer-songwriter who also dabbles in prose

• Rob DeRosa, local-music booster who books the Meriden Daffodil Festival, runs the Thin Man Music label and hosts the Homegrown local-band radio show.

• Ken Carlson, comedian and funny writer.

• Saul Fussiner, screenwriter and ace memoirist.

• Craig Gilbert, funny guy

• Lys Guillorn, artistic and articulate musician

• Seth Osborne, bedraggled poet

• Ina Chadwick, Fairfield County storyteller/producer, with writer/musician Duncan Christy

• Sara Russell, statuesque poet

And your hatted host Christopher Arnott

…plus others to be announced. Plus a myth. Plus a fairy tale. Plus jokes.

Get to the Point! June 2, 2014, 8 p.m. No cover.



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Chris Arnott's "Get to the Point"

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