Monday Night Residency with Haunted Summer

Haunted Summer

Haunted Summer crafts languid pop music, adorned with orchestral strings and electronic textures that recall Soft Bulletin-era Flaming Lips.-Candice Aman (KXSC Radio)

Their brand of dream pop feels timeless, with just the right amount of youthful nostalgia to woo your ears into submission. Moody’s smooth, light as air vocals captivate like a siren of the sea, while the arrangements are lush and seductive, but never pushy. It’s a delightful combination that has the power to fill any lazy summer day with an extra bit of magic. -Jacqueline Caruso (The National Deli Magazine)

There’s no question that whatever is haunting Moody and Seasons is steering the duo toward a beautiful place. -Kevin Bronson (Buzzbands LA)

Windswept vocals, sultry strings and spacey guitar blend together beautifully. The whole thing is mysterious and engrossing enough that it gets under your skin and stirs your own private nostalgia. -Billy Gil (Amoeba Blog)

On their forthcoming album, "The Hoss, The Candle," White Dove's delicate and haunting songs, find a more celestial and hazy sound. Shedding their former name Monster, a monicker founder Alex Johnstone has carried since highschool, 2012 finds White Dove completing their first fully collaborative album at Kingsize Sound Labs in Los Angeles with producer Dave Trumfio. Multi-instrumentalist Jack Long and bassist Carl Harders joined Johnstone in 2009 for a tour of France in support of a 2005 self-titled LP. Originally released on The New Black, and repressed by Le Jardin Collectif, this album drew comparisons to Mojave 3, Galaxie 500, Big Star and Cat Power. "The Hoss, The Candle" again puts Johnstone's voice and songwriting front and center, this time supported by the melodically spry guitar lines of Long and the cool bass lines of Harders. Keyboards and pedal steel round out the record, an album that reflects the groups interest in 60s and 70s rock à la Fleetwood Mac and late era Beach Boys with hints of cosmic American music.

Danish singer songwriter Majken endeavored to create a narrative when crafting the dreamy and haunting songs on her debut EP, Deronda Hotel. The Los Angeles based artist studied dance throughout her childhood in Copenhagen, then theatre in London, before moving to Los Angeles at twenty three to pursue her creative forces. She achieved some renown in creative circles as a choreographer, but quickly began to devote her time to visual art and writing, and her favorite artistic medium, Music. Heavily influenced by acts such as Pink Floyd, Velvet Underground and Lykky Li, Majken began writing and recording her own songs while playing percussions for indie pop outfit Tropical Nirvana. The title of the debut EP Deronda Hotel is an homage to the steep winding street in the Hollywood Hills she called home while curing the broken heart that inspired and produced many of her lyrics. The six song EP released October 29th 2013 is produced and mixed by Jesse Nolan (Caught a Ghost) and mastered by Ken Dahlinger

Tenlons Fort

What started as a noise letter to a friend in 1995, Tenlons Fort has become a four album song cycle of musician, writer, director, artist and human rights activist Jack Gibson. The latest release Shelters LP consists of ten songs, an equal number of paintings.

After years of following the melancholic muse resulting in the first three releases The Golden Handshake, Followed By Bad Luck and Forever is a Long Time, Tenlons Fort replaces the meditations of death and doom, with tales of wisdom, patience, and clarity without leaving the emotional territory that has made him an underground favorite since 2005.

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