Broken Couches

Broken Couches

Musical ideas spawning from one intelligent mind meets two inspiring like minds to help a musical masterpiece grow. After much time and repeated stumbles these three intelligent aspiring individuals find their perfect missing piece! The four are now able to create the music Broken Couches is meant to sound like for all listening ears! Without the missing piece B.C. could simple not exist! We write music to inspire the human race to indulge in the wierdness of their beings!

Beauty Queen

Formed for reasons in which you already know, from consumerism to commercialism and all the barbie dolls and enhanced body parts in between. From the ashes of every upside down American flag ever conceived by the patrons of this country currently at war with itself. We fully give you permission to dance and party on its grave. From the queen of England to the hounds of hell. We are BEAUTY QUEEN.

Television Generation

Television Generation began as a band called Zero in 2010 in a basement in Boulder, CO. Their influences were primarily drawn from early 90's British rock bands like Oasis and Blur, with noise and shoegaze influences from bands like My Bloody Valentine and the Jesus and Mary Chain.

When founding guitarist, singer and songwriter Will Hayden joined up with drummer Anthony Elio and bassist Elliot Hoffman, their sound moved into the indie punk rock and proto-grunge side of things, with heavy influences from early Nirvana, Mudhoney, Pixies and Sonic Youth.

Television Generation is set to release their first EP in July 2013.

Big Thirsty Girl

Controlled craziness by a bunch of idiots.. It's something like.. Captain Planet meets Captain Crunch!

Circles And Squares

These two dudes were at a liquor store buying beer. They noticed a female clerk air drumming in the aisles. They asked her if she was a "real drummer" or just being spastic. She said, "I am a drummer and I am real".
The dudes looked at each other with excitement as the drummer shortage of 2010 was still intact. The 2 dudes had been struggling musicians for years, trying to find the right drummer. They had even resorted to several drum machines that did not even pan out. So, without fear, they invited the young liquor store clerk to their basement to play some rock and roll. Somehow, with little coaxing, the band formed and its members began frequenting a little family basement studio in Colorado Springs to play and write their songs.

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Broken Couches with Beauty Queen, Television Generation, Big Thirsty Girl, Circles And Squares

Wednesday, August 7 · Doors 7:00 PM / Show 7:30 PM at Herman's Hideaway