North Mississippi Allstars

The North Mississippi Allstars were founded in 1996; a product of a very special time for modern Mississippi country blues. RL Burnside, Junior Kimbrough, Otha Turner and their musical families were at their peak touring the world, making classic records, and doing the all-night boogie at Jr's Juke Joint and Otha's BBQ Goat picnics -- the music and the culture rich as the black Mississippi dirt.

We used to drive down wide-eyed and open-eared to watch and listen to these giants among men, the kings of the hills playing their music with their people for their people. The musical traditions passing from generation to generation. Down at Otha's we used to boogie in the dirt, dust, and gravel. Old ladies teachin' the young girls how to shake 'em on down. The sweaty walls of Jr's Juke Joint used to vibrate and amplify the all night long moonshine madness. The corn liquor inspired a very unique psychedelic trance blues. The multi-generational musical families gave the old-field hollers a very aggressive, loud edge, modern, electric, country blues. Young, outsider musicians couldn't just hang out and hide in the corner, you had to play. It felt like it was an insult not to. The elder's requesting you to play their own songs. You had to come on with the come on.

For us, the experience goes back another generation. In the middle 60s, at the Memphis Country Blues Festivals, Mudboy and the Neutrons, our father Jim Dickinson, Lee Baker, Sid Selvidge and Jimmy Crosthwait experienced the cultural collision of wise blues men and crazy white kids with Furry Lewis, Bukka White, Sleepy John Estes and Hill Country master Mississippi Fred McDowell. This is the World Boogie.

Lightning Malcolm

Music has always been part of Lightnin’ Malcolm’s heart and soul. From the moment he discovered an old raggedy guitar w/ a couple of strings and cassette of Muddy Waters his life and the music world would change forever. Malcolm’s journey began near the railroad tracks in rural Southeast Missouri. For several years Malcolm traveled the world spreading his love for the blues. It wasn’t until Malcolm settled in North Mississippi that he had a musical epiphany. He was drawn to the hill country blues first made famous by Fred McDowell and later R.L. Burnside, Junior Kimbrough and Jessie Mae Hemphill.

Fresh off the road Lightnin’ Malcolm forges ahead with his new album “Renegade.” The album is due out on April 12 on Ruf Records. “Renegade” is high energy, hill country blues fused with modern elements of funk, reggae, soul, and rock. It features 13 new original songs all written and produced by Lightnin’ Malcolm.

Recorded in Clarksdale, MS “Renegade” is a guitar and drums duo recording, played live and raw in the North Mississippi hill country tradition. Joining Lightnin’ on drums is Cameron Kimbrough, grandson of blues legend Jr. Kimbrough. Cameron’s creative energy, versatile playing, combined with his natural family talent creates a perfect fit for Malcolm’s hypnotic grooves. Renegade also features a horn section on a few tracks comprised of Jim Spake, David McKnight, and Nahshon Benford. Lightnin’ befriended the trio while touring with the popular Americana act Lucero. Nadirah Shakoor (Jimmy Buffet) lends her beautiful voice on the reggae flavored “Precious Jewel.”

A Renegade by definition is an individual who rejects lawful or conventional behavior. The concept of Renegade closely reflects the turbulent lifestyle of a traveling musician. The authenticity of the music certainly permeates as a result on this album.

“ The songs on this album are definitely the result of years livin' the renegade lifestyle. The renegade cuts against the grain, doin' things his own way on his own terms. I've always tried to be a right doin' person, to help people around me...I follow the laws of the universe, not the laws of man...I know right from wrong. Most times your on your own, movin' from place to place with your guitar and your music..”at the same time interacting, entertaining, jamming, working, helping, teaching, learning, singing, dancing, sleeping, and living with all the people that come through your life. You are what you've done and the legacy you leave behind is the life you live everyday. Its all about the music and the only way to play it is to live it,” says Lightnin’ Malcolm.

The music unites musicians and audience as they interact in a hypnotic dance with everybody rejoicing to the power and joy of the music we call the Blues!



Join us out outside for a FREE SHOW ON 9TH STREET!

For those of you new to these incredible shows: We close down the block of 9th Street between Broadway and Walnut. Entry gate is at the north end on the corner of 9th and Walnut. Beverages will be served both outside and inside! This event is rain or shine and standing room is first come first serve. No pets please. Chairs will be allowed behind a "Chair Line" clearly marked at the midpoint of the block.

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