Comprised of five singer/songwriters, the members of L.A.'s indie alt-country band Everest boast some impressive pedigrees, having played with groups like Earlimart, Sebadoh the Folk Implosion, Slydell, Mike Stinson, Great Northern, Alaska!, John Vanderslice, and the Watson Twins. Sharing a mutual admiration for each other's respective track records, the five were drawn together by a common desire to make classic-sounding pop songs in the style of earthy bands like Wilco and Calexico. Russell Pollard, Jason Soda, Joel Graves, Rob Douglas, and Derek Brown first assembled in 2007, and connected quickly. Graves was especially excited about the instant chemistry, remarking in interviews, "I'm getting to play with my favorite singer, my favorite bass player, my favorite guitar player, and my favorite drummer. It's the band I've always wanted to be in."

In August 2007, they entered New Monkey studio with Foo Fighters producer Mike Terry to capture a set of light, acoustic-based songs on vintage equipment. After only two weeks of recording, one week of mixing, and an afternoon of mastering, their debut album, Ghost Notes, was finished, and they started shopping it around. Neil Young's Vapor Records label -- home of Tegan and Sara and Jonathan Richman -- seemed a logical choice, and after signing there, the group made plans to tour in promotion of Ghost Notes, which was scheduled for release in May of 2008. Two years later, they returned with On Approach, an album co-released by Warner Brothers in conjunction with Vapor. The band toured ceaselessly in support of the album, but the Warner Brothers connection didn't last long. In the beginning of 2011, road-weary from constant gigging, the band was dropped from the label and set about the process of regrouping for their next album. Teaming up with producer Rob Schnapf, well known for his work with Beck, Elliott Smith and many others, the band set about on a very careful and considered recording process for their third album Ownerless, released in 2012

The Breaking

The Breaking is a new band by multi-instrumentalist songwriter Adam Sweeney (Incredible Yacht Control, The Cabin Project, Adam Sweeney & the Jamboree).

The band's sound is quite a departure from the straightforward folk rock of Sweeney's previous project, The Jamboree. Banjo and accordion have been replaced by swirling psychedelic harmonies, jangly 12-string and growling reverb-laden electric guitars.

Sweeney cites a diverse range of acts from the 70s and 90s as influences on the new project, including REM, Fleetwood Mac, CSNY, and U2's Achtung Baby.

With Sweeney on electric guitar and vocals, his band consists of Rian Lewis (Crosstide, The Dimes) on drums, Zach Pace (The Jamboree) on bass, and Chris Benson (Supercrow, Benson Amplification) on lead guitar.

Aaron Lee Tasjan

An Ohio kid, raised on psychedelic cornfields and drinking in basements.

-Aliases: ALT, Enemies!, a Madison Square Gardener, the guy in the hat, the first of 3.

-Played lead guitar for the likes of The New York Dolls, Kevn Kinney, Tim Easton, JP Olsen, BP Fallon & The Bandits and Taurus.

-Co-wrote the world's first 3-sided single "I Believe In Elvis Presley" off the "Fame #9″ 7″ with BP Fallon produced by Jack White for 3rd Man Records.

-Have talked music with John Cooper Clarke.

-Have been in handcuffs in the back of a squad car twice on accident.

-Am living proof that a sordid past, one good hat and a fuzz pedal will go a long way to keep you in free beer and good company in this man's America.

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