Dead Dick Hammer & The T.B.A.

The date was october 30th 1957 and Richard a.k.a. Dick Hammer and his band the tba boys an extremely popular trio were on the road to the biggest gig of their entire career. As luck would have it, it was Halloween Eve and it was raining cold and dark it was when the car skidded and come to a haulting rest somewhere in the bottom of the green river. Dick and the rest of his band died that tragic evening. Now over 60 years later the band has returned! Walking the earth, blood thirsty with a hard on to end all the mainstream music the pollution that seaped into their coffins and awoken them from their dirt naps.

Bigger Than Elvis

Bigger than Elvis. Rockabilly heavy on the rock.

Indianapolis Rockabilly band plays at Radio Radio the second Friday of every month! featuring :
Danny Thompson, Thom Woodard, Wade Parish and Tufty

Indien was formed in apr 2012 by "One Punch Knockout" guitarist, Brandon Sanders as a side project. Their music can be described as "punktry" or "funkpunk". The line up has changed a few times with local talent circulating. Now, with a stable lineup featuring "One Punch Knockout"
Drummer Stephen Wright and long time friend Andrew Palmer on bass, Indien has big plans with a debut album coming and wonderful live shows.

$5.00 - $7.00


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