Butch Walker

Butch Walker

It is said that "the Bio" was an extended paragraph of information that was once used to describe a little bit about someone, before it was run into dirt-filled pile of obscurity by more interesting things like Wrestling, In Touch Magazine, and Kim Kardashian. some say the Bio was an easy way to inject favorable opinion and fancy wordplay about the subject, in order to make said subject seem more interesting than they probably are/were (i.e. using a phrase like "_________ play with the intensity of a thousand semen-filled bulls, unleashed on the night" or "_________ formed in the fall of '97 and the music industry hasn't ever been the same since"). Most Bios were useful back when radio stations still mattered in breaking an artist, where the DJ would pull up the current Bio on an artist that would be dropping by the station for an interview, just to learn something about them to talk about on the air. (i.e. when a DJ says to an artist in an on-air interview "so Butch Walker... tell us how you got that band name" or "so your from Atlanta... tell us a little bit about that..."). the Bio died a sudden death with the advent of Wikipedia, a website that basically will tell your life story, no matter what you fabricate in a Bio to impress people. R.I.P. to "The Bio" and it will be remembered as a pioneer to many on the information filled highway of the entertainment world.

Carrie and the Yellow Marbles

Through remnant, lingering smoke and wafting, pungent booze I saw four angels sing. Though grounded and weighted in presence the angels we're not to be touched. Not this night and maybe not forever more. Seemingly unaware of their new force and ever growing soul-ganic entity, they pleasured the weak and weary and gave reason enough to ponder yet again our own forgotten dreams. If they call themselves Yellow Marbles then I call them the sun, and thank them for the heat and witness songs on fire.


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Butch Walker with Carrie and the Yellow Marbles

Tuesday, September 17 · Doors 7:40 PM / Show 8:30 PM at Bootleg Theater