FREE SHOW! A Tribute to Elvis Costello featuring Cary Brothers, Chris Stills, Zach Rae, Fatal Attractions (members of Radar Bros. and The Movies), Hall of Fame, Kissing & The Hiccups, The Space Race, Two Sheds

Cary Brothers is an indie rock American singer-songwriter from Nashville, Tennessee. Brothers is best known for the single "Blue Eyes", which was featured on the soundtrack to the 2004 film Garden State.

With his songs influenced by everything from 1980s British New Wave music to 1970s folk music, Brothers has achieved critical and commercial success with his independent releases All the Rage and Waiting for Your Letter, both of which reached the top of the iTunes Singer/Songwriter charts. "Blue Eyes" has been downloaded over 100,000 times and broke the Top Twenty on the iTunes singles chart. On the web, Brothers has also found success on MySpace, where he has over 7 million plays on his music page and built a solid base by communicating with fans.

While many artists focus their efforts mostly on radio exposure, Brothers went a slightly different route and pushed to get songs out to the public through film and television shows, leading a generation of similar-minded indie artists in the Los Angeles. Brothers' songs have appeared on the NBC sitcom Scrubs," the FOX mystery Bones," the WB's Smallville," ABC Family's show Kyle XY, "One Tree Hill," and the medical dramas Grey's Anatomy and ER." The original version of Brothers' song "Ride" appeared on the soundtrack to the feature film The Last Kiss, starring Zach Braff, Rachel Bilson, and Casey Affleck. Brothers has also performed on "The Late Late Show," "Jimmy Kimmel Live!," Direct TV's "CD USA,"and Scrubs. In 2005, he made a guest appearance with London band Aqualung on "The Late Show with David Letterman" and "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno."

Brothers found his musical voice playing regularly as part of the musical community at the Hotel Café in Los Angeles, and he has since toured across America and Canada with such acts as Liz Phair, KT Tunstall, Aqualung, Ben Lee, Matt Nathanson, Imogen Heap, and The Fray. He was introduced to UK audiences in 2006 by Tom McRae on the Hotel Cafe Tour, having initiated the Tour himself in the States a few years earlier.

Brothers released his first full-length album, Who You Are, on May 29, 2007. The video for the single "Ride" starring Brittany Snow is one of the few independent videos ever to be added to the rotation on VH1 in the U.S. In addition, the record won "Best Rock Album of 2007" by the Indie Acoustic Project. Brother's track 'Ride' has also been mixed by Tiesto and was a huge hit on the dancefloors of Europe in 2008.

Chris Stills

The Space Race

High-energy, fuzzed out indie rock trio

Hall Of Fame

HALL OF FAME was formed by vocalist, guitarist, and songwriter, Scott Watson. Hall of Fame is based in the small village of Los Angeles, California. The band is comprised of Scott Watson (vocals and guitar), Tristan Page (guitar), Tiffin Roley (guitar), Chris Wadhams (bass), and Sal Romano (drums).

Hailing from the Sacramento area, Two Sheds formed in 2003 when John Gutenberger (bass,vocals), Rusty Miller (drums) and Cailtin Gutenberger (guitar,vocals) began playing together for fun. In 2004, Cailtin tried her hand at writing a song at John's encouragement, and has yet to stop. Their collaboration made them realize their overwhelming natural musical chemistry, and with the addition of James Finch, Jr. (guitar), Two Sheds went on to record 2006's Strange Ammunition on UnderAcloud Records.

Their live shows, which John Gutenberger says are different than the recordings, as they tend to go electric most of the time on tour, has led to band to share the stage with artists such as Victoria Wiliams, the Chapin Sisters, the Duke Spirit, Scout Niblett, Akron Family and Be Your Own Pet. After several talked about performances at SXSW last year (including a performance at Filter Magazine's "Showdown at Cedar Street"), the band is touring behind their self-titled EP on Filter U.S. Recordings. The digital-only EP conjures similarities to a vast array of artists -- from Mazzy Star to Lucinda Williams, Neil Young to Nirvana. Bassist/vocalist John Gutenberger revealed the recording process of standout track "To Be Alive."

"I recorded it at home into Garage Band through one of those Blue USB microphones, then ran it through my home stereo and re-recorded the sound of it coming out of the speakers," says John. "I threw in the sounds of my porch wind chimes and my cat eating cat food – and it turned out pretty neat. I feel like it's the closet I've come to making a song sound the way I hear it in my head."

Two Sheds will be on tour this summer and beyond, and a full length on Filter U.S. Recordings is expected this fall.

"The critics lay comparisons to Mazzy Star, Lucinda Williams, Cowboy Junkies, VU and Nico – good road sings on the way to Two Sheds, though I'd throw in that it feels like M. Ward a little in a way too. Cool stuff." – Larry Crane, Tape Op Magazine (issue 55)

Kissing & The Hiccups

Everything that has ever happened or will ever happen has always happened, will always happen, and is always happening right now, inside this little fleck of dead skin.


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FREE SHOW! A Tribute to Elvis Costello featuring Cary Brothers, Chris Stills, Zach Rae, Fatal Attractions (members of Radar Bros. and The Movies), Hall of Fame, Kissing & The Hiccups, The Space Race, Two Sheds

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