The King, Effies Club Follies

Effies Club Follies


Once upon a time, our town had a whorehouse. Actually, it was more like a small compound of three houses. Visiting "Miss Effie's house" was a rite of passage for local boys and college students alike, and our namesake did a brisk business through much of the 20th century. Naturally, many in the community were a little less than thrilled about living down the street from a house of ill-repute. Effie's was shut down in the 70's, much to the dismay of Athens’ men folk. Years later, the city government tried to burn those buildings to the ground--and the people rallied. The demise of Effie's was delayed for two years before it was finally burned, but even then the charred bricks were sold as reminders of this piece of Athens history. Our very favorite part of the Effie's story is the motto that was found scrawled on one of the mirrors in the house: "DO IT WITH GUSTO." We like to think it was written in a fabulous shade of red lipstick, but we can't be for certain.

When we were deciding what to call ourselves, Effie's seemed like a natural fit. There are some folks who think that what we do is crass, crude, unladylike, socially unacceptable, sinful, pathetic, or just plain wrong. To those people, we say, "Nonsense!" In today's world, we are surrounded by synthetic images of people with artificial parts. Here at Effie's, we think that the only beauty product you need is laughter. Being silly is the second sexiest thing you can do with your body, and we've got silliness like you've never seen. Try us! We promise that you won't be disappointed!

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The King, Effies Club Follies with Thimblerig

Saturday, August 3 · Doors 8:30 PM / Show 9:30 PM at 40 Watt Club