TRY IT OUT w/ Joe Goddard + resident Greg D

Joe Goddard

Joe Goddard (aka Ulysses), has been a somewhat inescapable figure of the past few years. As vocalist, percussionist and synth-wizard in Hot Chip, he’s seduced listeners from both rock and dance spheres over the course of three albums, melding live instrumentation and electronics with an irresistibly twee aesthetic. The group have always been interested in the dance floor, as proven by their remarkably diverse additions to the Bugged Out! and DJ Kicks catalogue, mountain of remixes and hectic DJing schedule, with Goddard spinning records either solo or alongside his Hot Chip companions.

Greg D. began DJing in 2009, and has played several cities since his start, including Philadelphia, NYC, Brooklyn, Denver, Boston and Washington, DC. He has performed on a number of bills with world-renowned DJs such as Greg Wilson, Dimitri From Paris, and Aeroplane. In Dec 2013, Greg made his international debut, playing Mayan Holidaze in Puerto Morelos, Mexico.

In 2011, Greg teamed up with friend and fellow DJ, Matt Crouse. Together, they formed Risky Disko. The collaboration has led to a number of releases including original tracks and remixes. Risky Disko also run a website and curate the Get Frisky mix series.

In 2012, Greg earned a residency at the Dolphin Tavern where Risky Disko currently hosts a monthly party, Try It Out. The monthly party has included guest DJs such as DFA's Juan MacLean, Hot Chip's Joe Goddard, and Les Professionnels. In 2013, Greg earned his second residency at Ortlieb's Lounge and hosts a weekly party called The Wet Boogie.

Greg D's records are romantic. He has dug long and hard to find vinyl that keeps his followers guessing. His sets span through a variety of genres, blending early funk and soul, jazz, and disco with classical movements, African drumming, and French movie soundtracks. He is a believer in the "anything goes" mentality. "DJing is not just about playing dance records, it's about creating a mood. If there is emotion, people will move..."



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TRY IT OUT w/ Joe Goddard + resident Greg D with Greg D

Wednesday, July 31 · Doors 7:00 PM / Show 10:00 PM at Dolphin Tavern