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From the bluesy swagger of the album opener "Hollywood Hollows" to the soaring, Washington Irving inspired anthem "Equestrian," it is evident that MIRRORS, the debut full length from U.S. Royalty, is an album of grand scope and range. It is a document of exploration and discovery. Songs kindle a spectrum of locales as the band laces a thread of longing and movement throughout the entire album to create a cinematic experience. MIRRORS is a cohesive and unified collection.

"With this record we wanted to present a body of work, a complete thought," says singer John Thornley. To achieve this the band wrote and rewrote songs for a year, demoing and dissecting while on the road and at home. John continues, "Because we traveled for about a year and a half before we recorded the album, there is definitely a travel vibe to the record "

In March 2010, the band teamed up with engineer Gus Oberg (The Strokes, Albert Hammond Jr , Bloc Party) and Justin Long to begin recording the album. While in the studio, as a cohesive vision of the album began to come into focus, old songs were dropped in favor of new songs being written. The band recently released the first single off the album, "Equestrian," and set a release date for the debut album, January 25th, 2011.

Shared experiences, traveling and playing together, informed the writing process as did a steady intake of Kubrick, Godard, McCarthy, and Spaghetti Westerns. The sun-bleached Ennio Morricone soundtracks factored heavily into the scope and range of MIRRORS, the band channeled the sense of epic drama his most memorable pieces evoke, those timeless studies in tension and release.

U.S. Royalty formed in 2008 in Washington, D.C. Built around the lifelong musical collaboration of brothers John and Paul Thornley, vocals/piano and guitar, respectively, and rounded out by Jacob Michael, bass, and Luke Adams, drums, the group has refined and expanded their collective vision since their earliest practices spent shivering around a single heater while ensconced in an abandoned trailer in rural Maryland.

They have made appearances at SXSW, NXNE, Art Basel and CMJ. Also have been featured in Esquire, Spin, The New York Times, The Washington Post and highlighted on NPR. Their work with Gant Rugger has garnered them attention in the fashion world and created unexpected bridges in the blogosphere, their music has accompanied various web-based promotional films for the label, and the band members will be featured in the Swedish line's upcoming 2011 Spring Collection.

With the release of their debut album, U.S. Royalty delivers on capturing the volatility and explosiveness that define their live performances. While taking cues from the players of old they treat performances as feverish outpourings of rock 'n' roll energy and emotion. For them, there is no reason not to leave it all on the stage every night as a testimony to the music that moves them. U.S. Royalty aims for the grand and the timeless but insists on the raw and the unplanned as they forge their own way in the current musical landscape.

Sunwolf was formed in the milieu of DC’s present-day garage revival. The brain-child of Rob “Kalani” Tifford, who was seeking both the hazy fuzz of The Seeds and the asymmetrical aggression of Sonic Youth. In 2010, Sunwolf emerged quickly through the DC scene opening for the likes of Deathfix, Ty Segall, and Ted Leo and the Pharmacists with live performances that became increasingly more feral and chaotic. The antics on-stage and off, quickly became a concern, leading Kalani to condense Sunwolf to a leaner 3-piece, that included drummer Danny Bentley and bassist Tom Bunnell.

In January, Sunwolf released their eponymous EP, produced and recorded by DC’s infamous Uncle Punchy. This self-titled release solidified Kalani’s desires for Sunwolf, ultimately leading to many more wild and chaotic affairs up and down the East Coast with the occasional awe inspiring appearances by Jerry Busher (Fugazi, French Toast, Fidelity Jones).

Quickly after the DIY release of their EP, Sunwolf approached Jerry to record and produce a new batch of songs. During the recording process, Kalani realized that Tom was more suitable on guitar and switched to bass. The six songs that Sunwolf recorded are the result of an intense and dynamic collaboration between the band and it’s producer.

Angel Eyes is drenched in the sun-soaked swagger of summer love, ensuing lust, and an inspired urbane libretto that would make T. Rex proud, “you’re a fire breathing tiger saber-tooth man-eater girl/ yeah that’s what you do!”

That, indeed, is WHAT you do.


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