" this is really power-pop like it's supposed to be — hooky, raw and cheerfully bitter beneath the cuteness, just like Alex Chilton used to make. A Corso lyric such as "I don't have much, but I have a true heart" may sound like something Jonathan Richman would sing very sincerely, but Cotillon's recent Votive Flower EP is soaked in plenty of sarcasm, too. Corso's got a voice somewhere between Daniel Johnston and The Only Ones' super-sneerer Peter Perrett. In songs like "I Wanna Move to Paris" or "Dream Girl/Infection Suite," he pours a bottle of drain cleaner into the human heart: "You gave me an infection, just like you meant to," goes one opening line. That's not love, but it sounds true nonetheless. Chris Ziegler (LA Weekly) "

Tropical Popsicle

Tropical Popsicle is the brianchild of Tim Hines. Although seemingly brand new, the project began roughly two years ago as an avenue for the darker structures and soundscapes he was beginning to experiment with. The result is a beast unto itself; think beach boys on bath salts. Trop Pop's current form consists of Hines and 3 other miscreants that share their time in other notable local acts. These guys personify community but thrive on originality. Though the band is still embryonic, they have already began to make waves locally by releasing two 7 inches on San Diego's Volar Records and supporting well-established acts the likes of Beach Fossils, The Fresh & Only's, Times New Viking, White Fence & More.

"A cross somewhere between Syd Barret and Suicide"

Hailing from the New York borough of Queens, the Shivers, comprised of Keith Zarreillo and Joanne Schorikow, have made quite the impact on the underground indie rock scene. The duo usually records with a full band and is known for crafting melodic harmonies, which help sculpt some of the most haunting ballads on the market. The Shivers credit many of their songs to the omniscient forces of fast-paced life and loneliness, isolation and intolerable love, all of which frequent even the most content souls from time to time. Though the Shivers seem to take a remote look at life, they are no strangers to the social scene; Zarriello works as an actor, writer, and filmmaker when not in studio.

Crown Plaza

Crown Plaza is the new side project of So Many Wizards' frontman Nima Kazerouni. After ending his relationship with his sweetheart of 6 years, he left his cozy apartment in the middle of LA and took an unusual residence at his father's back office in the heart of Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). Nima was free to record and write music as he pleased but the bright hotel light of Crowne Plaza was a 24 hour-a-day reminder of where he was, along with the buzzing noises of airplanes, shuttles, and passers by. These ultimately caused a reaction that was too great to keep inside. Nima needed an outlet to channel these feelings directly, and he needed to do it alone. His debut E.P., Chem Waves Volume 1, is a direct reflection of his love loss, displacement, and overall new way of living. The music shows another side of his musical personality blending electronics with Nima's signature dream pop ethos.

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