Sette Canzoni d' Amore (Seven Songs of Love)

Sette Canzoni d' Amore (Seven Songs of Love)

We Would Like to Say Thank You to our Friends and Industry Professionals for Making This Event Possible:

Silas Flores:
Production Designer
Stage Manager
Special Effects Coordinator

Johnny B:
Musical Director
Sound Engineer

Ryan Middlemiss:
Video & Creative Designer

Joe Decarlo:
Lighting Designer & Programmer

Emelia Zimmerman:

Loanne Wullaert


On Sept. 19 and 21, Ventura County's best vocalists will perform an eclectic mix of popular songs from radio and Broadway in the third installment of the Loanne Wullaert Presents series at the Majestic Ventura Theater.

September Song will feature Wullaert performing popular numbers from Les Miserables, A Star is Born, Frozen, and Dreamgirls as well as an assortment of music hand-picked by friends and family. Vocal support will be provided by local music luminaries Marcella Tambouris and Aaron Orbit, along with supporting cast members (many returning) Tyler Brown, Shane Nautu, Adrian Martin, Gavin Morse, Megan Morse, Meg Sicotte-Kelly and Luke Cromwell. Musical accompaniment will include New Liberty's William Gabriel on bass and the incredible Armand Tambouris on guitar, plus Robin A. Ryder (Electric Liberace, Mandex, Alexandra and the Starlight Band) on drums and percussion.

Loanne Wullaert was adopted in Ohio in 1967 by Annabel and Richard Wullaert. At age 2 she began playing piano, and was able to memorize every verse of every Christmas song she ever heard. Loanne studied ballet, tap and jazz. Though she's never had any formal vocal training, her passion for musical theater and opera has informed her stunning, heartfelt style.

As with all performances in the series, September Song is a labor of love for all involved, with countless months of work without pay going into each performance in order to bring quality musical theater to Ventura County and surrounding areas for free.

Loanne Wullaert Presents are family-friendly productions — people of all ages, from toddlers to, well, Loanne's wonderful parents make up the diverse audience. With the arts being decreasingly accessible to young people and unaffordable for many, everyone involved feels this is a positive way to share the culture and beauty of the theater and the American songbook, which may otherwise be passed over by modern society.

From sound to lighting, a stellar team of professionals work tirelessly behind the scenes to provide audiences a top-shelf experience. They are Chris Husted, front of house sound; Billy Johnson, monitors; Eddie Viveros and Joe Dicarlo, lighting and set design; Rat Sound and Delicate Productions, supplemental sound and lighting; Gobbell Media, media support; and Alan Pena and John Lively, promotions.

Special thanks to Al and Julie Davis, Mark and Kathy Hartley and Steve Luna for their continuing support, and Robert Antonini for the use of his beautiful theater for all the rehearsals and performances. And lastly, you, for sharing in this experience with us.

September Song
A free, family-friendly musical theater production.
Friday, Sept. 19, doors at 7 p.m. Show at 8 p.m. 15-minute intermission and Sunday Sept. 21: Doors at 3 p.m. Show at 4 p.m. 15-minute intermission.

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Sette Canzoni d' Amore (Seven Songs of Love) with Loanne Wullaert

Thursday, July 25 · Doors 7:00 PM / Show 8:00 PM at Ventura Theater

By Invitation Only