Tin Crown, Forever Isn't Long Enough

Tin Crown

We are Tin Crown, an original band from Newark, Delaware. We're a rock/punk/alternative-style band that plays simplistic songs which lyrics cover anything from politics to ice cream.

Dave (Guitar and vocals) and Mike (Drums) had started playing together in the summer of 2011 as a casual jam session in the attic of Dave's Newark townhome. They had began noticing on several occasions, a small group of people sitting outside, listening to their practices. This group turned out to be several different neighbors. When Dave went outside, expecting the neighbors to be angry for playi...ng too loud. He was surprised that they were just outside listening because they thought it sounded good. Dave and Mike began developing original material and seeking out a bass player to begin playing live shows.

Dave's friend, John, joined the band as bass player. The band was, at this time, known as "the dead giveawayz." The Dead Giveaways played several successful outings and were excited about the future and potential they had as a band.

By January of 2012, Dave was frustrated due to bass player, John's, lack of committment and began seeking out a new bass player. Unfortunately, finding a bass player is harder than it sounds and Dave and Mike we're stuck having to submit to John's schedule or play 2-piece acoustic shows.

A short time later, Dave was offered temporary employment in Chicago for 6 months. An opportunity that, at the time, was too good to pass up. With John's lack of commitment and enthusiasm obvious, Dave and Mike decided to go on Hiatus until Dave returned from Chicago, but not before playing one last show...

2 days before Dave was set to leave, he and a group of DE punks decided to throw an "Open-Mic Invasion" show at Mojo on Main, where 4 of the best local punk groups all showed up to an open-mic to put on a surprise show. The Dead Giveawayz opened up to an overwhelmingly positive responce, playing 6 original songs and 2 covers. People talked about that night for weeks, asking when they would play again and Mikey would always say, "When Dave gets back, we're goin hard."

Dave returned from Chicago at the end of the summer 2012, and against his own judgement moved in with John at his apartment in Newark. The group was attempting to get back into a rythm but were having trouble recapturing lightning in a bottle. John was never available to play and the group was not having success finding a new bass player. Their luck and hope seemed to be running out, and Dave finally fired John as the bass player and decided to move out of their apartment.

One week after moving out, Dave was invited over to John's who was trying to smoothe things over but after a late night argument and physical altercation, John stabbed Dave in the chest, nearly killing him. Dave had a long recovery in the Christiana Hospital and then at home, with nothing to do but hurt and play music. He channeled his pain into music. Mike and Dave began to play again, networking with other musicians, such as the Vanity Theory, Awake at Last and more. They began playing more and more, then finally, A bass player emerged from the shadows...

21 year old Tyler had been playing bass since he was 12. He played the kind of music that Mike and Dave were interested in and could sing back-ups in a tone similair to Daves. They began learning some of Dave's already established original music along with writing their own, and learning covers. Dave felt that they should use a new band name, since it was a NEW project and in the weeks that followed, he brought forth a name that he stumpled upon, quite by accident, while writing a poem entitled "The throne of thorns" He said the band should be called Tin Crown. Mike and Tyler both agreed it was perfect for their music and reflected well with the political content of the lyrics.See More.

Dave Manns on Rhythm Guitar & Vocals...
Mike Roberts on the Drums...
And, Tyler Kmeic on Bass

Forever Isn't Long Enough

Forever Isnt Long Enough (FILE) was formed in the Summer of 2007 by Hayden Muse, Jordan Dougherty, and Brian Shane when they were 14 in Smyrna, DE. The band did go through some member changes but in Winter 2011 Zach Larson joined the band as the screaming vocalist. All 4 members have seen each other as brothers for many many years. FILE has created their first EP "Wake Up Call" that was released in Summer 2012.

Guitar/Lead Vocals - Jordan Dougherty
Bass/Vocals - Hayden Muse
Drums/Vocals - Brian Shane



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Tin Crown, Forever Isn't Long Enough

Wednesday, July 24 · 8:00 PM at Mojo Main