Pwnage Method

I like to make music....and party!

DJ Contempo

DJ CONTEMPO was born with the natural talent of not only being sexy, but also good with his fingers. now lets talk about his "Deejaying" skills. From birth he always showed promise with music. he would play other songs on top of songs that matched seamlessly. At age 2 he then walked. Fast fowarding to his teen years Contempo ran into trouble at school which had caused him to be expelled. in this he gained a lot of free time and decided to put his mind bursting full of ideas & mashups to the test. he started like every great DJ does.....through perseverance. problems stood in his way like intergalactic haters and cream-puffs. No matter, Contempo succeeded in making haters hate more and cream puffs pop. His musical Genius is unparalleled, the thoughts he thinks he thinks would make Chuck Norris think wrong. The reason his compatibility to Spin almost any Genre of Music (thus being a very good DJ) is so because he faces the challenge and isnt scared, he practices everyday while standing on top of a kungfu panda fighting a lioness tiger on the great wall of china....the only way this could be more hard is if he balanced the great wall of china on the moon while burning hot wax records into candles that burn in an effervescent glow that would make Chuck Norris Look Black. Other than that...He is a pretty cool guy just like every other person in the world....except for he's flagrant and talented.

Vibe D_Xiners

The triumphant uniting of DJ Atom_X & MC Benjamin's Vibe.This is only the beginning of a new, innovative fusion solely focused on merging EDM and the influences of hip hop.

Pwnage Method

I like to make music....and party!

$10 - $20


4 floors of entertainment! Main Room: Electro & progressive house. Basement: Hip Hop w/DJ Danny. 3rd Floor: DJ True w/house, electro mashups. Rooftop: 80’s/90’s & Top40 Dance Music w/Dave Peacock.

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Club Vinyl


Unofficial Chive Meet Up Party with DJ Contempo, Miss Dropsitdirty, Vibe D_Xiners, Pwnage Method

Saturday, August 31 · 9:00 PM at Club Vinyl