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Triple threat Zak Waters always leaves a mark. Ever since he first formally began performing in high school, the Los Angeles singer, songwriter and producer never failed to make a lasting impression on his audience, and it’s always three-pronged. Unlike his contemporaries, he can do it all from constructing a track to writing the lyrics to performing it live with his band or in a DJ set. His impact is about to expand immensely with the release of his full-length debut album, Lip Service—available exclusively now via a unique deal with Spotify.
Zak’s always been driving his own music. In 2011, he broke on to the scene with his independent debut EP, New Normal. He served as both the featured writer and singer on Madeon's hit dance single "The City," which hit #1 on Hype Machine and peaked at #4 on the Billboard Dance Chart, where it stayed for nine months. Meanwhile, his single with Candyland, "Not Coming Down," topped the Beatport charts as #1 track for two weeks. He's performed on AXS Live, Last Call With Carson Daly, and on KIIS FM. Meanwhile, he’s not only been personally sought out by Flo Rida and Benny Benassi for their upcoming 2014 tracks, but also by the likes of legendary songwriter Diane Warren and Atlantic Records artist Francisco for his production talents. He's produced official remixes alongside Benny Benassi, R3hab, Pharrel Williams for All-American Rejects, Adam Lambert, and Foxy Shazam Moreover, famed Los Angeles venue The Satellite in Silver Lake tapped him for a high-profile residency as well in September 2013.
On Lip Service, shimmying between soulful funk savoir faire and fresh dance floor-ready pop, he cultivates an immediately seductive, soaring, and shimmering style of his own. Zak puts it best though, "My music is definitely meant to make people dance. I like to think of it as disco at its core. There are elements of EDM and R&B at the same time. You could call it neo-funk-pop. I'll take that as mine."
His personal panache punctuates the first single "Penelope." The song tells a cheeky little tale that's as vivid as it is vivacious. "I kept listening to the track and going back to a vision of a young kid obsessed with his baby sitter and wondering where she's at now," he explains. "I think we all had that babysitter. My friend's sitter was so hot. She was 'Penelope' for me. Now, you wonder, 'Would she look at me differently now that I'm grown up?'"
Elsewhere, “Dear John” featuring Audra Mae is a smart rumination on breaking up, while “Over You” examines the some darker moments post-relationship. Waters tapes into real tangible emotion, extending beyond the feel good pop.”
There's one pervasive thread throughout. "It's all about wanting to have fun," Zak concludes. "The majority of my songs are upbeat. They're meant to be the soundtrack to somebody's wild night. I love when somebody tells me I made it onto their workout or sex mix. If I can encapsulate a time for the listener, I feel like I will never be forgotten.”

The story behind the band Grizfolk unfolds like a richly episodic Beat novel: it's a collection of vignettes that give way to one another with ease; their songs like chapters in a traveler's cherished diary, suspended in time and space above an aural landscape of blue-collar romanticism and electro-inflected folk-rock.

Their songs speak of dusty deserts and the vagabonds that inhabit
them, mixing America's country music heritage with that of an
electro-pop persuasion: It's where folklore meets four-on-the-floor;
where tumbleweeds meet turntables. Songs that sound both futurist and revivalist at once; fashioned from a casually-indefinable collage of synth-pop squelches, junkyard percussion, undeniably catchy hooks and boot-stomping guitar lines.

Kid Cadaver

You would never guess that Ray Venta (vocalst/bassist), Jeremy Harris (vocals/guitar) and Kenzo Cardenas (drummer) hadn't intended to form a band together. Each having grown up in the Valley, their paths met through mutual friends in 2010. What originally was supposed to be Ray's solo album, with guitarist Jeremy and drummer Kenzo as the backing band, morphed into Kid Cadaver after the chemistry during their 2011 garage jam sessions could no longer be denied.

All in their early twenties, the three Los Angeles valley natives see themselves as a fun, energetic band going through the same things as everyone else growing up. They draw inspiration from girls, dread growing older, mask their emotions, and are constantly seeking to maximize their fun. In describing their name, the band simply states "an adult is just a kid cadaver. We grow up and life runs its infinite experiment on us. Things are never returned to their most simple, natural state: childhood."

Kid Cadaver released their debut EP, New Modern, in September 2011 which features the track "L.A. Concrete" and "'New Modern". Their second EP will be released this summer which will feature the tracks; "Stable" and "Teach You The Tongue" which is about "truly getting to know someone and them truly getting to know you. Letting down the barriers we humans tend to put up."

Leonard Fiend

Leonard Friend is the R&B/Pop persona of musician/songwriter/producer Alex Feder. After the demise of his previous band, The XYZ Affair, Feder moved from Brooklyn to Los Angeles and Leonard Friend was born. Since launching the project he has received acclaim from Nylon Magazine, MTV Buzzworthy, Stereogum, Consequence of Sound, DJ Booth, and many more. His second EP, LXLF, is available for free download at


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FREE SHOW! Zak Waters, Grizfolk, Leonard Fiend, Kid Cadaver, Special Guests, $2 Drink Specials + $5 speciality cocktails from 6-9pm

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